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Default Is there a mod to disable free books?
You know how when you place a bookcase, it auto generates random books inside? Is there a mod that disables that auto generation of free books in bookcases, so that I have to buy each book myself and place it inside?
I know I can just manually clean the bookcase and place own books in, but I would really love to find a mod that auto disables that feature by default.
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I don't think that is your problem as shelves do not generally regenerate books I think, unless I'm wrong. But the real problem is sims regenerate books and it is annoying, at least the NPCs. No matter how many time I clean the world, they keep regenerating.

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There is a mod but it also changes the way Sims route concerning put away books. It's also a cloned object of a pile of books found in SN. I'm not sure if you need it in the world or just need it installed in the mods folder. The mod is called: The Pile of Books Bookcase. Perhaps someone can create a mod just for stopping the replicating of books/free books, etc like there is a mod to stop extra toys in toy chests, and extra food in refrigerators.

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Hey guys,
I found something myself that I think I will use. Its not exactly what I was looking for, but its going in the right direction.
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