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Default Binning occupied lot
Hi everyone! So I created a clean, townie-less hood, and everything was good. But then I added the vacation towns, and now all the townies from there have started occupying my apartments and just showing up everywhere. The neighborhood still hasn’t developed far, so I was wondering if it’s possible to put all my sims into a family bin, and just remake the neighborhood? I’m fine with remaking the hood and the subhoods, but I don’t wanna redo the whole history of my town from scratch lol
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Meaning, putting your Sims and their occupied houses into the Lot Bin and then transferring them across neighborhoods? You don't want to do that. Putting occupied lots in the Lot Bin or moving Sims into different neighborhoods will corrupt the 'hoods.

If you didn't make your Sims in Body Shop, you can extract their appearances in SimPE using Sim Surgery, but doing it safely won't save any of the character data assigned to the Sims. I don't know if there's a way to safely transfer that information to a new 'hood - someone else who's more skilled with SimPE or modding might have a better idea.
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That makes sense. I thought taking sims out from a neighborhood by putting them in the lot bin would corrupt the neighborhood they’re being taken out of (which I’d be fine with since I hate it anyway), but not the ‘hood I’d be transferring them to.

If I could keep vacation townies from occupying apartments, I’d be fine with them. But as it is they’re insufferable. I put a lot of effort into making my own townies (all of whom are plantsims), but now I have random weirdos :/
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No townie neighbors prevent any NPC to occupy apartments
It also prevents spawning new townies for apartments.You can kill already spawned townies off and make a nice graveyard if you don't want them.
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That mod is a good solution for my situation now. I used to use “townie apartment residents”, but now that my townies are weirdos, I’d rather have empty apartments.

As for killing them off, for some reason they don’t really register as townies, at least not by the NPC gun, so I can’t summon them by the NPC gun or simblender, they’re mixed in with service NPCs. But as long as I can avoid them in my apartments and keep school kids from bringing them home, I’m fine. And there are mods for that. I wanna contain them in their vacation subhoods
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