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Default Certain CC makes the game freeze
Basically, when I am in CAS changing a sim's hair or clothes, etc., 99% of the CC items I have load immediately as if they were base game items. However, there is a certain type of hair that when clicked on, causes the game to freeze for some time before loading it. After it has loaded, if I change the sim's outfit in a different category (such as shoes or hair) while still wearing the piece that took time to load, it takes that long to load each time I click on anything.

An example is a hair by magpiesan called "MUSAE_Dorian". This happens with any hair that is a mullet. I have tried downloading from different creators and it still happens. Any other hair from those creators works just fine.

Game is up to date, mods, etc.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give!
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