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Default Weird graphic glitch
Hey everyone !

I have a very annoying glitch which occurs sometimes in my game when I move my camera. On the pictures, it happened the moment I put a big pool on the lot : these weird shapes are distorted tiles from the pool walls (the brown ones come from the pool too because I recolored it). It also happens in some other lots, as well as in the main building when you arrive in the Oasis Landing world from ITF.

I've searched everywhere but no one seems to have the same problem as me. I made sure my graphics cards was recognized, I've tried to changed the graphics settings to the lowest as well as the resolution, I removed all CC, but none of these worked ! I'm playing TS3 1.67 on a MacBook Pro end-2013 with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card.

(sorry for my grammar mistakes, I'm not english-native)

Thanks in advance

EDIT : The problem seems to disappear when I delete the curved parts of the pool, that's even more weird...
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I used to get funky glitches sometimes like that when I had a bad piece of CC loaded.
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You need to ask our resident Mac pro @igazor, b/c if you're running a clean game and it does this, it is your system.

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Your resident Mac pro (how did I get this title, again? ) hasn't loaded up TS3 for Mac in what feels like many years. But yes, it's really difficult to separate what can be game or content issues from the draconian 2 GB RAM limitation imposed upon the Mac version. And, although a 750M should be just fine for the game on a Mac, I can't say for sure that its probable lack of up to date drivers by now can be ruled out as sometimes causing display issues, but that depends on the player's operating system.

Usually, for sanity's sake, the best thing to do with oddball glitches like this that have an identifiable trigger like curved swimming pools is to avoid the trigger as much as possible (don't use curved swimming pools). Sorry, I know that doesn't sound like much of a solution but I have to hand it to players who have stayed with the Mac version all this time and can still get decent gameplay out of it. I ran out patience with it myself around the time that Seasons was released and have been playing the Windows version by way of Bootcamp ever since, but plan to revisit the whole thing when the new update for 64-bit and metal is released hopefully later this year. It's still a work in progress, and we're all waiting to see if EA manages to actually do anything positive for the game other than force it to work in some way on macOS Catalina and higher.
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Thank you so much for your answer ! After playing several hours without curved swimming pools I can confirm they are the problem. Until the 64-bit version gets released maybe I will go with the Bootcamp solution too because the game is so slow.
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I can't say that having two operating system to manage all of a sudden is a burden that everyone wants. But since I work in Windows all day long anyway, this wasn't very painful (for me).

The Windows version of the game on suitable hardware performs so much better than the Mac version, at least once more than a small number of EPs are added to the mix, that it's like night and day and for many of us well worth the overhead even if/when we needed to purchase a full standalone and non-OEM retail copy of Windows for the installation. That 2 GB RAM limit in particular was the most restrictive and for many it becomes impossible to work around after a while.
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