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Default MTS movie night 2019

MTS Movie Night 2019!
Hi everyone!

It's time for another movie night, taking place at the end of September in our MTS Discord chat server!

So, what movies are we watching?

Exciting news: instead of picking the movies for you, this year we're going to be running a poll, so you all can pick which movies you'd like to see

Submit your choices here! And remember that you can choose as many movies as you like, so vote for the ones that you would show up for!
You can also submit a suggestion to go along with your votes, so if your favourite movie isn't on there, worry not, there is still a chance it will be chosen. However, please also take a minute to read the ground rules for the suggestions (below the movie options on the form), as we will be keeping our movie night appropriate and legal

Voting will be CLOSED on the 14th September, ready for the movie night to take place on the 28th September.

The night itself

To get ready for the night, join our Discord server here. We'll be using the mts-events channel, for everyone to chat about the movies, and if you would like to be pinged in Discord when the movies are about to start, please visit the discord and leave a comment in the mts-events channel. You will be put on a list to be notified via Discord when the movies are getting close.

We'll choose final times after the movies are announced, but typically we have one time which corresponds to evening in Western Europe, and one evening time for North America.

Please Note: you will need to find your own copies of the movies, as we cannot offer to stream them due to legal reasons.

We'll be getting everyone synced up by doing a text countdown in chat. For this reason, please show up at least a few minutes early, to ensure we all start at the same time. If you arrive after we've started, you'll have to figure out the sync for yourself.

So remember to:
Vote for the movies you want to see before the 14th September
Join our Discord server if you haven't already
And join us for the movie night on the 28th September!

And thanks to site helper zoe22 for writing up this great announcement post!

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some suggestions::
any of the Pixar movies
any of the Marvel movies
Ghost Busters (original, sequel, or remake)
Dumbo (cartoon or live action)
Mary Poppins (original or sequel)
any of the movies related to Jungle Book
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Hmmm...there's only one of the above I would show up for.

I'm dull, aren't I?

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Mama Mia and Mama Mia Here We Go Again
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Galaxy Quest is one of my favs.
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Always wanted to see this...I have heard some really good things about it. Anyway, it was really funny...I loved the movie Galaxy Quest. There are very few comedies out there that manage to get laughs from all of the jokes; "Galaxy Quest" is one of the few films that pretty much get them all. As corny as it sounds, the film is practically perfect in its execution. It parodies a genre that had been screaming for it for decades. It's funny from start to finish and even manages to have a heart while on the way.
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