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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
LittlbowbubGrannies Cookbook (Miscellaneous)
FlowerBunnyEveryone Can Sleep Together (Overrides)
mon8993Courtyard Penthouse no CC (Residential)
Tag727Magic Dueling Career (Careers)
manu_prieto_cruz1995Scifi-fantasy rocket module house "Landing street" + beach ver noCC (Residential)
dynamusDefault Replacement Remote Control (Overrides)
theblockbustervideoBlockbuster Hoodie (Everyday)
tu.evieEvie's Equal Genetics - Hair & Eyes (Alien eye colour included!) (Global Mods)
karriekitten213 E Union St (Residential)
Oakstar519Service Animal Accessories (Accessories)
Lulu The Cute SimBroom Replacement for Realm of Magic (Overrides)
NukaccinoUnspoilable drinks (Overrides)
BobPancakesRosie's Posies Pose Pack (Poses and Animations)
missnanalolitaTURG Mask (CallMeKevin Character) - MissNanalolita (Mixed Sets)
yamirenamonFallout New Vegas Benny Gecko Suit (Everyday)
RadiophobeZodiac Traits (1.1.1) (Traits)
RaveriellZylas Vh'alyir (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
azyzzelSandstone (Residential)
CustomChannelMakerFortnite Custom Gaming Channel (Overrides)
Wolfe9207118 Critter Street - No CC Starter House (Residential)
BellusimParadise Beach Mansion (Residential)
CaigelCaigel Garden Sign Collection - Basegame Edition (Decorative)
spabloClub Sixam - Miami Inspired Techno Nightclub (Community)
notallsebasPalafitos - Chiloe (Apartments)
JosephTheSim2k5What?! More portals?! **UPDATED** (Decorative)
cheshire29Shyness Trait (Traits)
KohaguraShin Hair (Both Genders)
JudsonBottom Eyelashes as Default with Top Eyelash for All Sims even NPC's (Overrides)
garrettelTogruta Montrals and Pattern Overlay (Both Genders)
Hako226Welcome to Waikiki Guesthouse (Residential)
wertyuio86Computer Chat to Gain Conflict Resolution (Overrides)
ezeliastarpuffApocalyptic Ruin (Residential)
mule123Tesla's Powewall (wall Decoration) (Decorative)
MarquiseDesAngesLe Moulin - French Mill - 4 Bedrooms (Residential)
NeteroNice Lifespan Mod - Longer Lifespan (Global Mods)
DominoPunkyHeartThe Metropolitan - Mid-Century Modern Home (Residential)
fabfrnkieGroup Study Room F - Community (Residential)
Numen NellaIsland's Looks Salon (Community)
Tofuman89Temporary Fix - No chance of fire spread at campfire (Overrides)
Lux<3The Summer Apartments - 7br/8ba - No CC! (Residential)

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Thank you for mentioning me!
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