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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
ZoeCCVintage City Posters (Decorative)
vokyThe Sims 4 Translator (alpha) (Programs and Utilities)
KiruRustic Retreat: 1BR 1BA no CC (Residential)
SimsWeekPolish neighborhoods names (Overrides)
xSwitchbackBuddha's Knee (CC Free!) (Residential)
wildrideIncreased Fame from Working Non-Actor jobs (Overrides)
RavicFully Waterproof Servos (Overrides)
scytheBetter Fart Sounds - Sound Replacement (Miscellaneous)
nimsay_simmerThe Sims 4 Functional Spa! (2020) (Community)
AlainBardelasSleep Naked Mod 1.5.2 (Script & Core Mods)
holographictrashPortable Laptop with Research and Debate Skill (Object Mods)
angsms278Kazitas Apartments Not CC (Apartments)
thiccgoroMore Swim Trunks (Swimwear)
caitlin4104Little Blue House - No CC Starter Home (Residential)
TalishaRoseFreeTime Nursery in Rainbow Colours (Miscellaneous)
ArLi1211Arctic Monkeys Tattoo Set for Female (Tattoos)
SimsKillerPlasma Juice Packs - Respect the pouches! (Miscellaneous)
rubiBarkeeper Career (RuBi's "Work from Home" Career Mods) (Script & Core Mods)
zhanbowFix Capped Lot Taxes/Bills (Eco Lifestyle Patch) (Script & Core Mods)
AmandaMMSecret Street 14 (NO CC) (Residential)
prettykittyVilla Torden - Real-life recreated house - No CC (Residential)
bassoon_crazyBrindleton Bay Summer/Base - Cats and Dogs/Spring Fix (Overrides)
Mickey PotatoesRecreated the hidden Nervous Subject (Other)
MrselimcanTwo Recolors for the Luxiaire Camelback Loveseat (Comfort)
richardsevenCountry House Deluxe - No CC (Residential)
whotookmycheeseDes Maisons wall set (Walls and Floors)
MrValentinaEco Friendly Tiny Home (Residential)
spaceytheaceMerryweather Place (Residential)
tacoshelbyDon Lothario's Condo (Pleasantview Renovation) 150 Main Street (Residential)
DrawecLonger Book Names (Script & Core Mods)
spgm69Maxed Skills Restaurant Retail Vet (Overrides)
AirikoLonger Peed Self Buff (Script & Core Mods)

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26th Aug 2020 at 1:46 AM
Default Sims 2: FreeTime craft items in Buy Mode
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