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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
HermaiSint-Speculooskerk: a belgian-y cathedral for your town! [No CC] (Community)
Ladysimplayer8TS3_TS2 Master Suite Stuff - Bedroom (Bedroom)
letitgo1776Less Annoying Generic Whims (2.0) (Overrides)
oxcoFatal Flaws (Traits)
jmac13Anime Cute Poses (Poses and Animations)
JungleSimMetallic Swimsuit Recolor from Perfect Patio (Swimwear)
WakaitsuEyeball Familiar (Overrides)
MiliShaniaBrutalist Base Game Attempt (Residential)
galaxytwinkThe Addams Family Home Manor (residential) (Residential)
djfjfuxue738Castle Dracula (Residential)
RavenerraJunior Wizard Starter Set Recolor (Hobbies)
malissaveenstra14Eco Lifestyle - Wall Solar Panel ADD ON (Miscellaneous)
PoviDLoDeluxe Remover | UPDATE 17.11.20 (Overrides)
RubyGamerModern House for 3 (Residential)
SilverAshSimsBraithwaite Manor | RDR2 (Residential)
SimmyModernStationNew pie menu sound effects (Config Mods)
KaosInOrderThe BeeHive Roastery - No CC no Store - University Life only (Community)
gabeisafatDiscontinuing Music Tracks (Overrides)
MizarvSFinal Fantasy NPC Name Mod (Config Mods)
SimmerWellPupperBetter Computer Games (Overrides)
remysaGet Ruins maxis match foundament recolor! (Miscellaneous)
The Literal RoseNo Computer Chat Notifications (Global Mods)
osabosab Smooth eyes - Default Replacements (Eyes)
barteke22CAS Filter Remover AHK Script (Programs and Utilities)
cLineLyRing Up Customers at Register (Script & Core Mods)
Diamond.SimsRising Apartments (NO CC) (Apartments)
losermouth"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" Pose Box (Poses and Animations)
Schram92CC Wrench Override (Miscellaneous)
cancanandrewLatrell Painting from White Chicks (Decorative)
lovethatcolorJapanese Modern Inspired Residential House (Residential)
soaplagoonBaby Yoda ("The Child") Override (Overrides)
nightllockGather Water ON the Grid (Overrides)
CaffeinatedStarshipArboretum House (Residential)
SionellaMarble & Jade - kimono and yukata recolors (Everyday)
Agent87Max Funds (Overrides)
NayahB1123Light-enabled Umbrella Sculptures (Outdoor)

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