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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Crashley1784Modern Farmhouse Painting - multiple variations (Decorative)
kennetha_vSpellcaster Outfit (Everyday)
lordofthepringlesRealm of Magic Cooldown Mods (Overrides)
TemetraMissing "File Court Documents" computer interaction - a temporary fix (Overrides)
Borja20Recolors of FifthAce2007's Excell Bay Windows (Maxis matching) (Doors & Windows)
PieRatPortal Shirts (for her) (Everyday)
BasementalBasemental Eco Hacks (Script & Core Mods)
plzsaysikeGender Filters For Sims 4 Clubs Free Perks 50 Members + More (Overrides)
EmoriaDungeons & Dragons Races as Traits (Traits)
sokkarangBlacksmith Career mod (Medieval Themed) (Careers)
FivextremeThe Neighbourhood Sweater and Beanie (Everyday)
marikfan3333 Recolours of midnight_radiowave's Short Denim Overalls (Everyday)
NukkLucky River - Large Map (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
Lost PantheonThe Urbz: Sims in the City Radio Stations (Script & Core Mods)
SarahLin07Pleasure Aspiration (Miscellaneous)
HiddenKnowledgeBurning up - Get those vampires out of the sun (Miscellaneous)
GuiSchilling19Keep Portable Computer in Inventory (Overrides)
KaybarrTS3/TS4 PETS Icons (Miscellaneous)
JesseLluviaPretty Girl Trait (Traits)
CrumplyMeteoriteAbsent Minded Trait (Traits)
Nym_le_ManchotC.I.I.Y.P: A Little Cloning Machine Overhaul Mod (Overrides)
LeljasPokemod By leljas: Play as a Lucario and/or Leafeon from pokemon (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
GualaNº3 jacket (Mixed Sets)
OrsiMr. Bean's costume - with and without Teddy Bear (Everyday)
NotoriousRoseBulimia Nervosa (Traits)
Julie the SimsetteLab Rats : Davenport Houshold (Residential)
JanetteRavenMagical Prints for your Magical Sims! (Decorative)
Put Ink{Female} Jumpsuit PI0042-1HQ (Everyday)
_ss2Wildflower Sell Price Nerf (Overrides)
NoviusBroHill/Modern Wooden Cabinet Add-ons (Kitchen)
TheHuman20020The Sims 2&3 EA Intro For Sims 4 Intro (Overrides)
chromaticasimsThe Sims 3 Modern Loading Screen (Overrides)
OnverserSimsSulani Realistic Map Override (Overrides)
TheSimsTheatreSerena Hatfield (Other)
AquaticKonquestDisney's Ralph Breaks the Internet - Comfy Ariel Outfit (Everyday)
lucid0llHealth & Medical Administration Career (Careers)
bonbonxoxxThe Sims Roaring Twenties Radio Music! (Miscellaneous)
AilesNotebook V3 (Hobbies)
JHellraiserTS3 - TS4 Stuffed Bears (Miscellaneous)
KaneKaneLess Autonomous Reading (Overrides)
Sapocalipsis11TS2 CAS background recreation for the Sims 4 (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
GincoolSun and ear of wheat (Decorative)
RoseelesbianEating Disorder Clinic (No CC) (Residential)
syguy4 Rafael Romero Barros Paintings (Recolour) (Decorative)
NURIbatsalNo roof indoor Hot tub - Perfect Patio Not Needed (Plumbing)
MissPatBetter Playdates (Sims 3 Playdates) (Overrides)
yourfriendmichelleExtracted Maxis Mannequin Eyes (Eyes)

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Thank you for the feature! Happy to be among such talented simmers <3
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