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Meh.  All of my neighbors decided to have their yards done today. I've been listening to leaf blowers all morning.

My plan for dealing with paper clutter that I put into place at the end of last year has worked.  I did my yearly clean out the file cabinet; it took all of 5 minutes to do.  It's stupid keeping a paper shredder in the kitchen, but I no long have to spend hour plus shredding stuff. If junk mail comes in, it gets shredded before it has time to land on the kitchen table or my desk. At the end of each month, I shred all other things such as paid bills and whatever.

Now if I would do the same thing with all the crap that accumulates with my computer, that would be great instead of leaving the mess which means hours of sorting, deleting, trying to figure out what stuff is, blah, blah, blah. 

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I've been putting off mowing the lawn. Today provided the perfect excuse, too. It snowed. It'll be raining the rest of the week.
The weather god is good to me.

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Well my family of me, my parents, and our cat are going to have a decent Thanksgiving. They got the food.

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