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Default Any suggestion for this Mini Flower Shop?
Hii! I am new posting here, but I've been reading a lot there since I used to do a lot of creations for my own (well just only bodyshop). After that I didn't have The Sims 2 anymore... Howeveeer, the Ultimate Collection came out and I took the opportunity to play it again.
So, now, I would like to share this Flower Shop I made. My sims family are using this as bussiness, I didn't want to have any trouble so I cloned it and took out the custom items. Emmmm well, thats all I think. I leave photos there and the album link if you want to look. Tell me what you think, your recomendations and if it is okey to upload it!!

(Here is the album link: )
(Oh, and sorry if my English is bad, it is not my native language although I can understand it pretty well)
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It looks good so far! I am not much of a builder, and I don't play TS2 anymore, so keep that in mind with my feedback. The decorating looks nice to me overall. It would be nice if there were a couple windows on the back of the building.

The other thing I thought is that almost everything is decorated with different shades of green, and while using some green makes lots of sense since it's a flower shop, for me there is a bit too much. Some of the greens clash with each other (like the counters and the light green walls), and because there are at least three very strongly patterned wallpapers in the main room they are kind of fighting for attention, it makes it seem a bit busy to me.

I think that having one or two walls of a single, strongly patterned green wallpaper would work very well as "accent walls", but for the other walls I would stick with softer colours like beige, cream or grey with little or no pattern (and maybe change some of the furniture to more neutral colours too).

You might get more feedback if you posted all of your pics in this thread, rather than making people go to another site. If you click the "Go advanced" button when posting, you will be able to attach them here.

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Ohhh, thank you very much. I think I've never had a feedback that kind so I'm very very happy with yours.

Now that you say it, you're right about the fact that I overused green xD I got carried away with it.

Okis, thank you for your suggestion I will try again to find another wallpaper to match.

Ohoh, I thought it would look really full with a lot of pics, I didn't realise, thank you again!! I will add them above editing. Maybe next week I will upload the changes that you suggest I really appreciate it!
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If the shop is intended for purchasing, I'd take down all or most of the art, to render it more affordable. Bella Squared isn't exactly on-theme for a florist anyway.

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I am really sooooorry for the long wait. I have changed most of the wallpapers full patterned and I'd taken down most of the paintings, I understand what you tried to explain to me. It was fun to put a lot of different things everywhere, but they were in a way too much so I left less of these things. Well taking into consideration what was said, I made these changes:

Thank you for your feedback! (well, I suppouse that now I am able to upload it, I am not?(yesss, I am so insecure and I don't want to make a mess in there with this flower shop))
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I can tell you toned down the green inside and it looks better! The checkout counter area is just perfect and cute imo if you wanted to tone the green down even further, the chairs could be a different color. I see why you stuck with green with it being a flower shop and all. I have only ever uploaded one lot so I cant be too specific unfortunately. Nice lot! Hopefully someone with more expertise than me will give you more feedback.
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I would shorten the shop so it wasn't so long and skinny.
I would take away some stuff on the outside so it wasn't so busy. That one corner my eye doesn't know where to settle it goes flower trellis, fancy wall scones, ladders, plants.
I would change the bathroom windows since they say very modern while the other say more Victorian.
The inside I think is good.

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While I like the overall effect of the interior, I feel like the lot in its entirety is torn between wanting to be a flower shop and wanting to be a gardening shop. While there's a lot in common between the two, a flower shop can afford to be much more dainty, much more elegant, etc., since it's selling a "finished product," as it were... A gardening shop is going to have flowers, sure, but it'll also have potting soil, composters, pots, etc... the things you need to actually GROW the flowers. Both of these are perfectly fine business models, it's just pretty rare to see them combined.

With what you have now, I'd be inclined to go for a flower shop- so what I'd suggest is to either get rid of the outdoor flowers altogether, or else rearrange them so that they look more like decoration, and less like merchandise... then focus on floral arrangements and cut flowers from the OFB crafting station indoors.

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Woooow , Thank you!! I take into account what you said.

Ohoh, shorten the shop? mmm that's complicated, I'd have to change every place of the furniture, mmmm well however I will try and see if I can do something for that. The outside now that you emphasize it... I also got carried away in there . I will think about on how to reorganize that place. Ohhh the bathroom windows, I also see it far more complicated I left them for the size but it doesn't match, as you say. Again, I will look up what else could go there. Thank you!!

Mymy I didn't realise I was mixing these two. mmmmm You gave me an idea for a future lot!!! thank youuu, in the future I will bear in mind that (oh and of course now). Okeyy thank you for that! I will reorganize it.

Thaaaaank you aaaall for the feedback!! I suppouse next week I will upload the new changes
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I think denurseryfying (I made a word lol) which was kind of what I was thinking as well when I said it was too busy, is more important than the length.

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Aaaah ook .. wow weeks go fast. I added spoilers because it was going loooong. I trieeed to reorganize it and this is the outcome. I hope it looks better. Mmmmm I changed the inside a little.. while I was playing with my family in the original flower shop, I noticed that I didn't get to use all of the errhh shop counters, or shop shelves (? (sorry my vocabulary was getting mixed there) so in order not to let a lot of empty or full space that even costumers did not look at I reorganizated that.
MMMMMM well my goal was to reorganize outside I don't know what I've done deleted some stuff put others to no let it empty.. I think I have something about to not let empty space. HOWEVEEEER, I am becoming crazy trying to put everything in words (I feel my sentences wrecked lol) so there are some pictures.

I'm glad you try to feedback(?) to this thing attempt of flower shop. So tell me what you think now.
(Sorry if my english looks worse than in the others xD I think this is more messed) here have for this craziness
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