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Default Minecraft Woodland Mansion for Sims 2 - First version...
Hi all, how are you today?
My daughter loves Minecraft. I made a few Minecraft sims before, and now we (daughter and I) made a Woodland Mansion for some of our bad guys to live in, and some of the good guys to plunder from (or is it the other way around? always felt that guy chasing us, intruders, with an axe, was sorta justified... )

Anyways here's the thing, it's kind of monstrous, but not monstrous enough for this month' contest on MTS, could I please have your opinions and nudges in a better direction?
Either for a terrible monster house, or a great mansion.
Both games (Minecraft/Sims 2) are very different, so I didn't go for anything identical, rather a similar atmosphere in general.

Here goes (images in the bin), please tell me what you think of it,
thanks for stopping by!

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I think this looks very good but may need some landscaping (trees/bushes) around exterior.
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I would need closer pictures of each room. I do notice a hottub inside which really doesn't belong in a small room but would be better outside. Outside needs landscaping.

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I think it is quite well done, taking into account how the minecraft house looks.
I actually think the hot tub is okay - at least the sims will not be hit by struck by lightning and it is private (have been told that by moderators more than once when I started building).

Personally, I would add a 4 click CFE wall under the roof and something on top of it (a rooftop garden or a collection of statues or something pretty) - because the flat part on the roof seems very big in the pic.

Landscaping outside should make it quite pretty, and water around it could look rather nice, with some trees as well close to the house. And another hot tub if you feel like it
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