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Sad Music
If you have any really sad music that almost makes you cry, post them here.
If you like sad music then you'll like this. Go onto youtube and type in "Naruto Fights Pepsi Techno".

Screw the soviet union.British people take us over with 3vil cream filled bisciuts.
Toast scares me! AHHHH!!! i srem for stpid reasons!!1! ^_^ Pie is like people.only pie dosen't destrOY ECONIMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
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'It Can Get Lonely In My Mansion' - Lemon Demon.

All he has are gargoyle friends! It's tragic!

Does reading dumb signatures make you feel powerful in some way?
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#3 Old 17th Sep 2011 at 3:32 AM
I know some good ones so I'm reviving this thread!
Servant of Evil-Kagamine Len
Regret Message-Kagamine Rin
Kokoro-Kagamine Rin
Fate of Soul-Kagamine Rin
Imitator-Kagamine Len
South North Story-Kagamine Rin
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