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Default Who is your fave band/singer/musician?
As you probably know, BRUNO MARS!!!! I FREAKIN LOVE HIM!!

So, who are your favorites?

"Mars just kinda came to me. Cos i'm out of this world" ~Bruno Mars. I am obsessed. LEGIT!
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Anouk - Amazing! It's really strange that she isn't famous in america but in Holland she sure is! Check out her songs > "Michel" is really beautiful ( she looks a bit creepy) and if you want to see the other side of her you must see "Nobody's wife" O gosh I love that song! I'm going to listen to her right now

And I like this one song from the spindoctors > two princess

O and an other dutch band > Racoon with the song Laugh about it

As I think about it, we have lots of talent here,.
Actually the dutch Nick&Simon tried to break trough in america in one week,, but of course they didn't had enough time. Their dutch fans needed them again (simon is the cutest one, though I think they both are handsome )

Do you have nice only-famous-in your countrie singers?
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Oh, I have a couple of Anouk songs in my collection. I like her voice!

Right now I really like Devotchka. They have this cool blend of Latin, gypsy and rock influences, and the lead singer's unusual voice has grown on me. They're sort of like a cross between Calexico and Gogol Bordello. I also love Jonathan Coulton, who has a nice voice and writes geeky/funny/sad songs; the Decemberists, especially their early seafaring/storytelling music; and The Mountain Goats, whose lyrics are complicated and affecting.

Then there are the classical composers, whose music is kind of hard to compare with my favorite rock musicians' somehow. xD My favorite composer is Bach, but I also love early Romantic music: late Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, and so on.

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Jonathan Coulton sound great! never heart of him before.. so thanks!
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Sex Pistols and The Clash
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Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins are my ultimate favourites.
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I also like R.E.M!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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