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Tutorial - Accessing Separate Tops/Bottoms for Outfits other than Everyday in CAS
EDIT 25/05/21 LazyDuchess has made a mod that enables the functionality without needing this procedure for non-CD or Sims 2 RPC users! Find it here on her Tumblr:

Tutorial - Accessing Separate Tops/Bottoms for Outfits other than Everyday in CAS
Ever wanted to use those spiffy separates you have for outfits other than Everyday, but don't want to go through the hassle of buying them? It's possible - follow this guide to access those separates in CAS with relative ease. Note that this method will not work if you do not have the allmenus cheat enabled (but not neccessarily on).

1) Ensure you have the allmenus cheat enabled. Instructions on enabling the allmenus cheat are found here:
Note that it requires one to modify game files.

At any point in CAS, when you want to choose a Sim's outfit using separates:

2) Navigate to the "Step 5: Clothing" panel of CAS. Select that outfit category you're interested in - in this case, I am using Athletic.

3) Press Ctrl+U. This will bring up the debug UI editor. I recommend you don't poke around in here outside of the scope of this tutorial. It will appear as in the above image.

4) Unravel "WinGen_0x47a799ae_ProcIID:Unknown" by pressing the box with a plus, as shown above.

5) Unravel, in this order: "Window_0x00000000" -> "FlatRectangle_0x00000001" -> "FlatRectangle_0x8c6b1ca2" -> "FlatRectangle_0xccb7bd6a" -> "Window_0xcb980e84" and finally "FlatRectangle_0x00000000".
This is similar to opening sub-folders in a folder.

6) You should see in the drop down buttons with instances "0x01000000" - "0x01000002" labelled Tops, Bottoms, and Outfits respectively as highlighted in the above picture.
7) By highlighting these buttons in the UI panel via clicking on them, you will be able to toggle the "Visible" checkbox in the UI panel. When you do, you will see that the buttons become available in the CAS UI!
8) Every time you switch outfit categories or switch between Top/Bottom/Outfit, the buttons will become invisible again. However, it's just a simple matter of unchecking and rechecking the option again when you need to.

9) And that's it! Behold the separate-wearing result - these are some 3t2 Sweatpants paired with a fanseelamb top. Your selection will not appear to 'stick' if you don't pick both a valid top and bottom for an outfit category while attempting to use separates, but that's not an issue if you have enough of them. Everything functions correctly so long as valid tops and bottoms are chosen (i.e. neither half of the Sim's body is 'nude').
10) Once you are finished choosing the outfits, close the UI debugger (using the 'X') and finish making your Sim.

That's it - if you have trouble navigating to the correct part of the UI as described in step 5, it's possible you have opened the UI browser too early and may need to hit the 'Refresh' button to start over. I'm very much looking forward to how CAS cc creators will explore this newfound capability!

Happy Simming! <>

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Very useful- thanks for this tutorial!

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