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Michael, the baby of the Agnarsson family, rambles on to his brother about how excited he is to move out. With all his cousins and brothers either in college or graduated, it's a little strange still having just one teen around.

So. Much. Smustle.
(This was taken on Family Day, which happened to be the day after Christmas this week. As you can see, absolutely everyone is smustling but Cathy, who I directed to talk to Gabriel, and Sophie and Emil, who take any opportunity away from their own home to get romantic and have decided to dance together.)

The next day, Finnian and Reed discuss adoption. Finnian's already rolled a want for a kid, but it seems Reed's still stuck in the honeymoon phase, only rolling wants for Finny. "C'mon, babe, wouldn't it be awesome to watch our little tyke grow up?" Ah, well, Reed's a romance sim. They never know they want kids until they have them.

I managed to get the Entire Dorm studying together for about half an hour. They needed it too--exams are right around the corner for just about everyone, and nobody seems to pay attention to their grades anymore.

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When my free wheeling "tropical" family had 7 toddlers, I made them a tropical house.

Where they continued to do fun stuff, like the hula...
and making more babies.

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"Greetings! They call me Mr. Humble and... ahhhhh!!!!"

He later waltzed out of the house he sought shelter in and walked coolly down the steps.

The Art of Not Giving An F!

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Surprise Engagement x

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I love my remodeled Goth house

And I love my blended family. Karen Marshall and her orphan twin grandchildren (from Shady Shores) was a perfect match for Mortimer. Tammy on the left, Tommy on right, Karen Marshall/Goth in blue. Karen is talking to Cassandra, who married Daren & is pregnant with their daughter, who will be named Jennifer after her mother.

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Makeup xx

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Default François and Malenka
François Barbeaux has been visiting Malenka Motley's luxury resort and spa for over a year.
During that time they've become great friends...on this particular evening their relationship
took a very lovely turn...

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My Rask twins are so different

Gandalf the hunk

Bilbo the nerd
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An old pic, back when Heather Huffington was still getting the hang of this "parenting" thing...
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@Kirthey Please, where did you get that hair and outfit?
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Who knew apartment bathrooms could get busy at quarter past one in the morning?

While working on my post for the Francos, Serge Barb got in the way again and fought some townie he met just yesterday.

Have you noticed that the dart moves off center when Sims throw it?

I love these twins as much as a creator loves their creations. And these twins love each other to pieces.

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Recently, in one of my neighborhoods, three servos moved out of the house of the sim that activated them and into their own place. In spite of having all been activated by the same sim and all having the same stats, they've managed to develop their own personalities anyway.

Alphabot is friendly and likes to meet people and talk to them. Gammabot is antisocial. He prefers to go off in a corner and read the newspaper by himself. When he visits a community lot, his favorite activities including poking other sims and flicking them in the nose. Alphabot has been on the receiving end of some of this bad behavior and has had just about enough of Gammabot.

(See Gamma's ghost, drink Gamma's essence, make Gamma into a zombie.)

Betabot, the middle "brother" ... cries a lot and has run amok once so far. Perhaps he was damaged during intialization.

I have Paladin's recharging station in my game, but decided not to use it here because it's a bit "cheaty". As a result, the servos' fun and social tend to bottom out while they're recharging, which can have interesting results.

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LOL - serves him right

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
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Some odd randomness:
can you make out the puppy. Yes, like all babies he can flop down anywhere and sleep. The whole lot was on fire, the adult dogs ran away, but not Super-puppy

Caught this teen who "said" he was "cleaning the truck" - yea right.

I was surprised when the roach killer showed concern for a sick, passed-out kid -

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Don't you cringe when they clean a counter - including the food on it? And when a wolf growls at a baby?! And when someone trying to throw an ax throws it BEHIND themselves?

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Finnian's got work, so Reed's the one home to receive the baby his husband adopted. As he cuddles her for the first time, he thinks to himself, "Maybe this could be fun."

With Freetime newly installed, Michael gets to be the first one in the 'hood to have the cliche experience of tossing the pigskin around with your old man. Neither of them are very good at it.

Later, Emil expresses his worries that Michael won't be able to make enough money, seeing as how he has no career goals. Michael reassures his father that he'll find something to do with himself once he gets to college. "And shouldn't you be worrying about Lucas? He's like, a junior, and he still doesn't know what he's doing!"

As he puts his now toddler daughter to bed, Reed thinks to himself, "Yeah...I think I could get to like this."

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New Hair Colour and new baby for this sim xx

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I'm unsure why the girls pack themselves on the left side of the room, while the boys sat on the right. When art imitates life.

There's no drama, like Sims drama.

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Siblings Emily (back left), Dominic (back right), and Jennifer (front left) "missed" the bus and had to be driven to school by responsible mom Kaylynn.
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