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Default Favorite Challenges you like and/or recommend?
I know I can check out the forum, but maybe there are some that I have not not heard because they're underrated or have thought of some but are too anxious to scary it. I'm looking something to spice up my own game without having to go through and read every lengthly too reads for challenges instead of hearing quick summary of premise that may intrigue sims 3 player So, what are your favorite challenges that you have tried? What are those that have intriguid but you haven't tried? Perhaps you are trying to create a challenge, but need help with figuring out how to install a particular rule?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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TSR used to have some fun challenges for 2. I did a few of them. Other than that, I do not do them.
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Nothing is Free - start in a completely empty world with one sim. Master skills and earn money to build new lots.
Apocalypse Challenge - lift restrictions in an apocalyptic world. I like to combine this one with Nothing is Free for an extra challenge.
ISBI (I'm Surrounded by Idiots) - a legacy where you can only control one sim in your household. Everyone else must fend for themselves.
Perfect Genetics - a legacy where you must pass down a unique eye, hair, and/or skin color for 10 generation. TONS of babies.
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So far my fave challenges are:

-100 Baby Challenge
-ISBI Challenge
-The Asylum Challenge
-The Prettacy Challenge (my personal favourite. A "normal" legacy but you start with a super ugly founder and try to breed out the ugly by the 10th generation).
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