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Default Whore for Lore - Sims 3 Edition
Yes, I did take the title from Plumbella, it's a good tagline and it fits. Sue me.

Today, fellow simmers, at the glorious time of 4:05 AM, I am here to talk about Sims 3 premades and their stories. Even though I honestly don't think Sims 3 premades are as good as Sims 2 premades, I do think they're better than having basically nothing like in the Sims 4. There are sims and stories in the Sims 3 that really have my entire heart and soul, and I invite you to talk about the ones that have yours too. For me, they're:

The Fox Family: "As great descendants of the indigenous occupants of Appaloosa, the Fox family respects the land - and their privacy. Having reclaimed a large plot of land down in the flood plain, they prosper from the fertile soil that has built up over multiple generations. Now they run the most prosperous ranch in town and take great pride in their hand-built home. They're certainly self-sufficient, but it wouldn't hurt them to broaden their social circle either.

Putting aside the fact that I immediately become obsessed with households that have pets, especially horses, I absolutely adore that this family is Indigenous and is visibly so. Also, I have a big gay crush on Ms. Cheyenne, "She is said to be very no-nonsense, though she is still a friendly and charismatic spirit. Having lived on the outskirts of Appaloosa Plains for a large portion of her life, she wants to maintain the old charm of the town and to protect its rich history from the recent inrush of businessmen and city-slickers like the Singletons and Bedlingtons. Therefore, she's taken a job in local politics, in the hope that her reputation will let her sway the residents to help preserve Appaloosa Plains." I want the best for this woman and her family, I really do. Note to Self: Play this household once new computer is fully built.

The Loveland Family: I don't have a deep love for this household as much as I have a deep love for the concept of it. Gracie is into BDSM and possibly might be a dominatrix and I truly think that Babycakes is an absolute icon. And yes Baby is pampered but I also think she deserves more in life due to basically being kicked out of the second story part of the house because her caretaker's sexual escapades disturb her sleep and just...disturb her in general.

The Medina Family: Am I one of those people who has a soft spot for single parents trying their best? I sure am. Thinking about the Medina household just makes me sad though, won't lie. My mans Teodor fucking Medina not only lost his wife and the mother of his only daughter but also his resort plans to Alfonso Alto. I know it states that he was too trusting, too naive, but I don't think the poor man deserved to have the plans to his resort taken from him and his wife to leave him and their child so she can start having an affair under the nose of the wife of the man who betrayed him. I'm even more upset because Florita is gorgeous to me and I hate it when people I find attractive have horrific personalities. And poor, poor Palmira, "Palmira is confused by her parents' separation and is fuzzy and often sullen." the girl has two traits just like any toddler and yet one of them is Insane. I haven't had the chance to play this household yet and continue their story but even if I did have the time I can't imagine how it would go on, so it's definitely food for thought on how to proceed.

Anyways, those are some of the premades that the Sims 3 has to offer that I enjoy, there's some others but I don't like making long posts.

Are there Sims 3 premade stories that you enjoy?

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I'm mostly familiar with Sunset Valley families, so I'll go with that. but I kinda like the bios of Alvi and Clavell family. The fact that Koffi is gay in the base game is kinda cool (don't ever remember finding a LGBT premade character in TS2).

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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Looked at Koffi on the wiki and it's more that he's implied to be gay instead of full confirmation, but that's good enough for my queer ass anyway.

I finally found out about Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and I love him, I really fuckin' do. He sits there on the list of my favorites. I've also been watching this YouTube channel called, "The Sims Lore" which has been quite entertaining; mostly I watch her lore videos on the Sims 3, but I do watch her lore videos on the Sims 2 that I find interesting. Hey, did you know that Twinbrook is basically murder mystery central?

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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I'll start off by saying I never play pre-made families in The Sims 3, like maybe for testing gameplay mods but long term it's never happened. Also I hadn't even played a pre-made World in years and years until recently. So my experience with them has been minimal, but I still have a couple of examples of where I've found interesting little moments here and there.

My very first Sim was a single young adult woman who I moved into a studio apartment in Bridgeport. As part of her journalism career she was tasked with travelling to Egypt to take a photograph. Already very cool, but while there she ended up in this whirlwind romance. Very long story short, she later married her holiday romance Farouk Rashid, a local merchant, who as keen players may recall is married already to Shadia. His personality is kind of childish and emotional and romantic, whereas his wife was a workaholic. I remember in the early days of the game everything was new to me and I was in awe of every little detail, so when I went to his home to visit him I noticed there was a room with an empty crib, and no kids. I just found that to be a cute little piece of subtext, that they had a room ready for a baby. I asked him to break up with Shadia on my third trip to Egypt but the emotional weight of that decision was definitely impacted by the furniture in their home. For a longer ramblier version of that story, I made a post about it here.

More recently I was playing as a single man in Bridgeport (again), and while I was frequenting Waylon's Haunt (I'd just given it a makeover ) I met Polly Maloney for the first time. Now I'd experienced the delights of "townie fashion" here and there over the years but I was really intrigued by Polly's look. It was like an old, faded, shabby coat and cheap flip-flops.. but a coat that looked like it used to be fancy. And a necklace. I befriended her over the next few days, went to her apartment building to pay her a visit and that's the cool way I found out about the Maloney family secret. Her basement dwellings, the cheap clothes, it was all such a nice touch. Now when I write/construct my own Sims 3 stories and Worlds I incorporate the Maloney family as part of my wider lore.

Oh! And there's a family in Aurora Skies with a kind of absent divorced mum and the household bio talks about the resentment surrounding the fact she bailed on the kid and I got drawn into playing as her because I live for the broken families lol.
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Pip Goodfellow apparently kidnapped a child and replaced that child with his own. He did that as a prank

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