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Default The Sims 3 running on NVMe Gen 4?
I just bought a new X570 motherboard (along with a new Ryzen 5 3600X CPU ) and it is compatible with M.2. NVMe Gen 4 SSDs. Has anyone tried running The Sims 3 on one of those?

They're said to be as fast as DDR3 RAM memory (5000 MB/s) so I wonder how The Sims 3, which is usually bottlenecked by the drive's speed, would run on it.

I just don't want to buy a super expensive SSD without knowing it does make a difference on my favorite game first.

Maybe some of you have tried running the game on an NVMe Gen 4? I wasn't able to find any videos on YouTube.
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at a certain point i dont think it matters at all. right now my game is lagged by unroutable sims.

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I don't know, but I do currently have TS3 installed on a WD_Black SN750 1TB NVMe Internal Gaming SSD - Gen3 PCIe, M.2 2280, 3D NAND. Honestly, I can't tell much of a difference from before and I'm wondering if it's because despite TS3 initially being installed on the HDD if certain information was mainly being used by the SSD if that makes any sense. If that was the case then switching from a SATA to a NVMe wouldn't make much of a difference from what I read and there is no real point in upgrading specifically for faster read/write times. Though I'm sure each NVMe brand/product will vary how much it improves compared to SATA.

Loading has not really been an issue for me using mostly HDD's with TS3 except when I saved too many custom presets or installed too many patterns or a long running save loading at the beginning. Gameplay wise I don't notice much of a difference at all but I think the CPU greatly helps since TS3 is mostly a CPU intensive game. Coming from an Intel Core i5 M450 @ 2.4GHz to an Intel Core i7 3700K @ 3.5 GHz was a noticeable difference concerning real-time simulation. Currently playing on a system with an Intel Core i7 9700K @ 3.6 GHz and I do not notice any further difference with TS3. Maybe if it were 4.0 GHz. In any case I think I made my point based on my personal experience.

Hopefully, someone who has a Gen 4 SSD M.2 may share their experience with TS3.

I suspect that TS3 may benefit from some recent hardware but may not be a significant change in some cases which perhaps a newer game might take advantage of.

Concerning the video, I just started up Aurora Skies so it's to be expected a slight delay in loading textures according to the developers. All EP's/SP's/Store Content and I still have no idea where those green glasses came from. Also using minimal mods:
-NRass MC/Cheats/Integration/NoCD
-Pose Player/Pose Packs

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That looks like pretty spectacular performance to be honest. Especially since you're recording it, which can often impact performance pretty significantly. It absolutely wouldn't have been remotely possible to have the complete collection of EA content running that well on even the most high-end hardware 6-7 years ago. So is there anything to gain with new hardware? I think your video makes it very clear that yes, there is. You could absolutely cake your game in CC and script mods and still have a good time with very little frustrations (if any at all).

I understand that you're not running 4K textures on everything and you're not running a massive custom world with hundreds of Sims in it, and there's no Reshade or custom graphics eating up frames but even with all that there really wouldn't have to be a lot of lag.

Your hardware also massively outperforms mine, and my (late) rig was more or less within the high-end category by the standards of 2016. Going from god knows what kind of early-generation i7 to an i5-6600K, quite an underpowered chip in retrospect actually, and going from some old HDD to Samsung 850 SSDs via SATA both improved my performance very substantially on the then-new PC. But everything I'd gained in terms of performance eventually got buried under the sheer weight of TS3's crippling issues. Last time I played it on the PC it was tolerable, but hardly enjoyable anymore and it'd gone from taking a minute to load to almost 10 again.

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Thanks but I'm pretty sure TS3 doesn't tolerate too many mods, at least that has always been the issue in my case. Maybe if TS3 didn't have memory leaks and it were 64-bit. No way I'm escaping crashing to desktop 100% or other game issues especially with how long I play sometimes but at least it's less common now as long as I monitor my mods usage, save often, try not to overload the game, etc.

I expected lag while recording but was surprised it ran so well. I guess I didn't pay much attention initially that RTX 2070 is a lot more powerful than the GTX 660 I came from so using ShadowPlay is much smoother than before when recording TS3.

I don't know, your computer seems fine to me but I think it's how you play which seems too strenuous for the game engine of TS3 to handle. But I get how mods/cc just makes the game that much more enjoyable and it's not easy to just let go and quite easy to just be stubborn, lol. Don't know why but I'm still hoping for a M-Rated life simulator that is on the same level and so much more than TS3.

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I've always thought GTA Online and TS3 should have a beautiful baby. A big lively open world like that, full of NPCs, with a variety of real estate options and venues scattered across it.

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The technology that's available now I wonder how much more impressive a life simulator better than TS3 could be. No getting held back at all from its fullest potential and would be aimed at hardcore-players.

I like this definition:
"Individuals who play video games, and spend a significant part of their time playing or learning about games. These avid players may play a wide genre of games, across numerous platforms (e.g., dedicated game console, handheld game device, mobile device, PC), and seek out games that are complex, and with depth." -

I'm still curious about what Richard Evans, TS3 A.I. Designer, said about how he would love to make the Sims with a much more ambitious A.I. system if given the opportunity. I'm so impressed by his work in TS3 and feel he would be perfect as the A.I. designer for an even better and more mature life simulator. But it's like Will Wright even pointed out in interviews, why isn't there any other life simulators? There's so many racing games, for example Forza/Gran Turismo or fighting games like Tekken/Street Fighter, etc. The life simulator genre based on TS3's level has already proven profitable if done right and there is a market for it. Is it just that no one is interested in the genre?

I'm also curious about Cyberpunk 2077 and how it will handle M-Rated content and how that could possibly in some aspects translate to a M-Rated life simulator. Another curious thing is how the NPC's will behave. I think it's scripted and gets switched each game day out of hundreds or something like that routines. Though the kind of autonomy I'm looking for in a new IP is A.I. run free-will. Meaning just like in TS3 Sims are so dynamic and choose their own actions than following a script to the tee. A video game company like CD Projekt Red that actually cares about the game, quality and player feedback would be nice for a new life simulator IP. People who are passionate about the game and love what they do. You can always tell which developers put their hearts into the game because it shows.

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