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Saxophone Cover of Makeover by Mark Mothersbaugh (Original TS2 Soundtrack)
So I’ve been out of the machinima community for quite some time now and have been itching to make one. However my computer isn’t running at the moment so I’ve kinda just been living through The Sims 2 Soundtrack. Then I got to thinking...

Why through all of these years have I never tried playing any of these songs on my saxophone? They’ve been etched into my memory so vividly... why not bring my favorite video game soundtrack to life?

In this video you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane with me as I cover Makeover by Mark Mothersbaugh, who not only is an amazing composer for The Sims 2 soundtrack, but also has various other works featured in video games and movies. I learned this particular track in one night so I apologize if any of it sounds sloppy. I actually surprised myself at how quickly I was able to learn this by ear hehe.

I do plan on doing more covers like this one in the future and I DO take cover requests. So... whether you’d like to hear me play a track from this soundtrack or even from other Sims franchises, feel free to reply here or send me a message.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy watching and listening. If you like what you hear feel free to subscribe and share.

And lastly,

Happy Simming. <3

Follow the link ↳ Saxophone Cover of Makeover by Mark Mothersbaugh (Original TS2 Soundtrack)

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