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Default Deco food item eatable, how to do it?
I have (for example) a deco carrot. I already made it fridge stockable, but I would also like to make it eatable.
I would only need animation of Sim eating it, but I would not do any reshaping in milkshape. So carrot could be whole and when Sim eats it it would just disappear and Sim would get some hunger or thirst levels up.
I have googled, but couldnt find how to do it.
If anyone knows how to do it, I would appreciate
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Sun&Moon Factory made some edible fruits here. Try opening one of those up and using it as a guide.
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I am not skilled enough in simpe, that I would be able to do that, that is why I am looking for tutorial. Kind of funny, that there dont´t seem to be tutorial for that as I would have thought that many people would have wanted to change deco food into eatable one.
I did found out some food that had eating option and checked it in SimPE and there was like 57 BHAV and each of them had many interaction, which kind of scared me. I don´t understand enough to go for that...

I followed these instructions for a while:

but it´s a different interaction they are doing, not eating. I would have to link different animations and stuff.
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I linked to the other object because as far as I know, there is no tutorial. You'll rarely find BHAV tutorials about something as specific as what you're asking, because coding is such a broad subject that it was more efficient to focus on teaching general skills. When you're modding, you'll find little bits of information scattered across several tutorials and old threads that point you in the right direction, and you use those, along with studying the code in other similar objects to achieve what you're making.

I had made a similar item in the past, and I've stripped the code down to simplify it to an object that Sims pick up, do an eating animation, filling their hunger bar in the process, then the object disappears. You can study that or clone it to create your own. The tutorial that you have showed you the location of thee animations and how to link them, because I suspect the ones that my object use won't work for your food.

ETA: I forgot to mention this cotton candy is in appliances misc.
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Thank you omglo! I take a look at that package and then I try to find different tutorials and test different solutions to see if I can solve this
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If it helps to look at multiple files, I've also been working on something similar - making the harvestables in the game edible. I have it working for the apple if you'd like to look at the BHAVs. The animations I'm using are when a sim eats a slice of pizza, so "a2o-foodPizzaSlice-eat-loopBiteHalf" and such.
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