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Default How to Change the Price of an Object in Simpe
Hello everyone, I am wondering how to change the price of objects using SimPE because some custom content I have download is what I would consider a "cheat" object, meaning that the amount it fills motives for its price is ridiculous and unfair as being poor is supposed to be hard, at least in my game. In addition to changing the price, I would also like to know how to change what motives they increase and to what extent. I think I have found where to change the price, but I am not familiar with hexadecimal terms and as such don't know what numbers/letters to input instead. Thanks in advance for responding!
Edit: The part of the object I have accessed is the tab "Object Data," and it appears to contain both what motives it fills and its price, but I still need some assistance in figuring out how to change it to a correct amount.
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In the Resource Tree click on Object Data (OBJD), next click on the object data in the Resource List. Now you should see the RAW Data tab and you change view to Decimal on the right to get the number value you see in-game. Next go down to "0x0012: price" under the "02. Catalog Price" part and change the number value on the right to what you want it to be. Then click "Commit" on the left and then save the package.

You can also scroll down to "04. Catalog Ratings" and change the Decimal number values from 0 to 10. 10 being the highest. These will change how good or bad an object advertises. If you want a painting to have a low room value, for example, change the room number value on the right to something more lower.

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