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Default morphmod group face mismatch
I'm trying to fix an object that has morphs and joints.  I've added a new mesh group in MS and created a new morph, but apparently each morph must have a unique MorphName in the comments?  Can morph's actually be added?  And the morph name in my object, where does that come from?  I do see it listed in the GMDC, but no way to add?
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What kind of object?
I've seen morphs in objects occasionally, and it is possible to edit them as long as there aren't too many, but some objects have a ton and will make MS throw a very hissy tantrum if you try importing them.

No idea if it's possible to add them to objects that don't already have them. I think they may require some sort of animation to work (like the pillow morphing on couches), but I'm not sure. You may be able to recycle what's already ingame.

Generally for morphs, faces/vertices have to match, in that they have to be in the same relative spot as the main mesh or in the designated area you want it to move, and have the same assigned 'number' to work. If you delete or add something on the main mesh but not the morph (or vice versa) vertices get reassigned. That's when you get morphs "blowing up". If there's a mismatch between vertex numbers, the morph most likely won't work, or there will be problems somewhere along the line.
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You'll need to start SimPE with advanced mode enabled, then under the debug tab select Model, Blend Group Definition. From that you can open another little dialogue where you can add, remove and rename the morphs.
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Thanks Chris!  I am having the issue with the new morphs names deleting after exporting/importing from Milkshape?  It seems though that I can re-fix in SimPE after importing and it works!
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