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Default Modding the Sims 3
Hello! I stumbled upon MTS late last night while searching for mods. I've been playing sims for years, and i'm finally at the point where I want to things to change. Unfortunately, I know nothing about coding, mods etc. I did take a look at various turorials and threads explaining whats up, but I am still completely lost. I'm not sure about the protocall, but if anyone can please help me? I have a few mods (listed below) that I would like downloaded. Are there step by step directions, maybe one or two at most that cover the mods below, or do they need individual downloads/coding?

Expansions/Stuff; Everything except: Into the Future, Dragon Valley, Roaring Heights and half of the stuff packs.

- does this work with unicorns?

- I have narrowed that down from like 26 mods. Ya'll are so creative and awesome!

Question; What happens if I buy and download more expantion and stuff packs?
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Default MTS2 Staff Reply

I moved the thread to sims 3 help since It seems like you're trying to install CC in your game right?
  • Sims 3 - Installing Custom Content
    Maybe this might help you?.Game_Help:TS3_Custom_Contentwiki This link contains everything you've ever wanted to know about installing .package and sims3packs.
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Another great place for mods is NRass, they fix many problems in the game and generally make is run better,
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The creators of those mods listed if there are any special requirements. For example, some scripting mods that introduce interactions may require all sims in town be reset and the game saved prior to removal, so that there are no sims affected by said mod. You should also pay attention to possible mod conflicts — the creators should list the resources they modified, but you can also exercise common sense (e.g. not using a mod that speeds up skilling and a mod that slows it down, at the same time).

Of course, you should check if the mods you want to download match your patch level. Some might even if they're made for patch 1.67, even if the creator hasn't stated it. Sometimes it's up to you to try it and see.

Question; What happens if I buy and download more expantion and stuff packs?

You will have access to mods that affect/require content from those EPs/SPs. Since you're already at patch 1.69, your patch number won't change anymore.

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