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Default A step-by-step guide to importing roads into CAW ???
I have read through all of the threads, well enough of them to make my brain numb and I still do not see a step-by-step visual guide for how to import roads into CAW. Maybe it is my age, but being 60 has not stopped me from catching onto many things, but this stumps me. I am sure there are many others out there that feel the same way and they just let it go, but I want to know. So, all of you experts, care to help the less brilliant?

My example is that I want to import that roads, sidewalks and terrain textures from Moonlight Falls (EP07) into CAW. I have absolutely zero understanding how to do this.
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It's probably to do with the words you use in your search. I only searched for how to make your own roads in caw, because you don't import them, you just set them up with your own textures
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