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Which One of These Mods is Making my Game Glitch?
Hey guys,

I downloaded and installed a few mods last night and one (or maybe more?) of them was making my game glitch/buggy. I uninstalled all of them and my game works fine again now. My game loads rather slowly, so if at all possible I'd like to avoid putting them back in the package file one by one. So, before I resort to that I thought I'd check here and see if anyone knows if one of these mods is problematic and or conflicting with eachother!

Shoni's Vampire Overhaul NPC Powers
Shoni's Vampire Overhaul Minor Things
Shoni's Vampire Overhaul Bite
Sauzer Vampire Powers V2.0
More Real Vampires V2 (Flavour 1)
Misukisu True Blood Beverage
Misukisu Courtesan's Perfume
Sims Missing Soil/Auto-Plants

I downloaded these all from here except the two misukisu ones.


PS. I know sometimes the vampire mods conflict with eachother but based on the mod descriptions for them, all the ones I downloaded should be compatible with eachother.
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I downloaded these all from here except the two misukisu ones.

I can't find any of them other than Shoni's on here. So I have no idea what they do. But from just reading Shoni's, seems like none of thme would work with each other unless it is from the same author. Still, they shouldn't be glitchy, other than overridden each other. Likely one is core mod or script mod maybe, I'd say that's the culprit.

Either way, use Delphi's to detect conflict or just do the 50/50 method. You don't have to test "each one" individually.

Right off the bat you can scratch off "objects" and the missing auto soil script. It is likely those which modify the vampire itself.

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It is probably Shoni's as they were never updated past Island Paradise.
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Thanks everyone! I used Delphi's to detect as recommended by @nitromon and it was Shoni's Vampire Overhaul NPC that was causing the problems.
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