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Default Can't erase cc
Hello once again peeps, I reinstalled my game and moved some downloads to my new save (only moved 1.5gb of downloads and it was mostly houses) and I noticed I can't erase two rugs and a desk (at least) on my game (that show up in game but have no picture) neither in game or launcher or folder itself. These rugs don't appear anywhere but in buy mode (but the desk has a picture), so I can't erase them through folder even though I know their file names but when I search for them in launcher or in downloads folder, there is no match. If it's relevant for the case, the items are ShinoKCRCrazyRugRoundLarge, Adalyn Fur Rug, and ShinoKCR3BedroomMinimalistDesk. I also had the corrupted toddler converse but I didn't move them to the new game installation.
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