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Default Do You Like Placing Clutter In Your Sims House/Garage
First off do you even build your sims a garage in the sims 2? and what do you put in it, I found out that I like to put things or decorations in my sims garage like Christmas deco for easy storage and for the obvious clutter in the garage, where I live most people have a TON of different objects in their edit real life garage.

Can someone recommend more clutter objects?

I can use in my sims world to make it more realistic like garage shelving or shed shelving units, I currently have barely anything to put in my sims garages besides a light up reindeer, and a music snow man for the holidays, or many old chairs or old beat up couches that I could put in there.

main question would be, how do you decorate your sims home inside and out, forgive me not everyone considered decorations clutter but in the sims 2 you can buy magazines, towel racks, Upper cupboards, clothing racks for closet space, radiators for winter warmth. fans for summer baby cooldowns, and much much more deco objects like pots and pans, or cookie jars. for the kitchen,

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Generally, I put a car in the garage. I do however have attics where my sims store seasonal items. I also have to place my Dining Room chairs up there so my sims will use their counter, when there is only 1 or 2 of them eating.
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Ugh I wish I did this in my game! My sims just have cars in their garage, sometimes a pet bowl or something and maybe a workbench. I love the idea of putting seasonal items in there (or an attic!)

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I don't put clutter anywhere.
Not in RL either
But I do use the garage, very often, for extra living space or hobbies. Or a garage band.
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One of my sim families have a very cluttered garage (which I also use for posebox storage, but that's besides the point), but mostly stuffed-away tools, things for the car, outdoor toys and things like that. Oh, and the car. It's a double garage and they technically only have one car in there, so there's plenty of space.

That house was downloaded, though - I don't usually build garages or attics if I build houses, but I like to place clutter around. More often than not I'll rather decorate the house for whatever season it is, and pretend they've got a storage place for the decorations or whatever. That is, unless the attic/garage space has got some sort of storytelling purpose, and I need it for pictures. Then it gets ALL THE CLUTTER! And plenty of space. I hate when I can't get a camera in sideways
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In Real Life I have far too much clutter and general mess. Andrew (a Virgo) says he doesn't know how I can live in such a mess! (It's interesting when my favourite Sim agrees with my mother and my sister!!) Most of my Sims live in small houses, and few of them are rich. So they tend to go for a minimalist approach, or have it forced on them by considerations of space, or finance, or both.

I've lived all my life without a car, so my Sims don't get them either. Three or four Sims have got bicycles by mickyss. The Corntons converted their garage in Custer Boulevard into a love nest to entertain their friends. The only working garage in my game is at the downtown Teen Townie Hostel, where they think they might buy a minibus one day. But the plan now is to turn the garage into a larger games room, and convert the small upstairs games room into an extra bedroom. If they ever do get a minibus, it can sit on the driveway outside.

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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
Ugh I wish I did this in my game! My sims just have cars in their garage, sometimes a pet bowl or something and maybe a workbench. I love the idea of putting seasonal items in there (or an attic!)

Most of them are not technically an attic, They are just the space under the roof. My sims can't get to them, but I can. I even have solar panels under the roof (they actually work under the roof and placed on top of each other by using "moveobjects on" ). Saves space and looks better.
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I often put the fixable car in the garage, along with tires & tools. The washer, dryer, water heater often go in the garage. And of course, all those hobby workbenches (to make toys, etc), including the pottery wheel - do you know what a mess a pottery wheel is?! Old-time houses have to have lots of open shelves with jars and boxes and bags of food. And the dog's just too pathetic to have a dog (especially a puppy) sleeping in the snow, and I can't find his dog dish!

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None of my sims have a garage (even if they have a car) or an attic. I think I need to remedy this. I like clutter but am usually too lazy to decorate lol. I'm working on that.

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Um, no... I never put clutter in my lots... anywhere... why would you ask that?

Honestly though, I love trying to figure out what kind of clutter would be right for a particular space, to make it feel like it's actually lived in, rather than being staged like you'd see with a home listing or something...

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I put clutter where it makes sense usually, but putting clutter in the garage is something I avoid doing mainly because of the large footprint that cars and driveways seem to need.

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I have a clutter problem, I have so much clutter in-game that I can never find the bit I'm looking for in the catalog. I tried making collections, but there are so many of them that I can never find the right one. I mean, I know I have a collection file for my 237 gnomes and 500+ fruit bowls, but I have to look through a clutter of collections to find the collection. If you know what i mean.
So my sims' houses are remarkably bare.

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Originally Posted by simsample
I have a clutter problem[...]
Well, you've just performed the first step to recovery.

Anyway, my Sims' homes tend to be pretty clutter-free early on, but I do tend to add more (without hampering navigation, function, etc.) as they get the disposable money for decoration.

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The only lot that I ever used clutter on is an old abandoned house that is in ruins and most of the stuff is degraded and all over the floor and in piles in the room corners due to time and erosion. I modeled the 2 story house after the old abandoned house I lived next to in the country when I was a kid. There were all sorts of scary stories we heard about that old house growing up, My brothers and sister dared each other to go in the house at night to see who was the most brave. Ah good childhood memories. Hold on to them for dear life. That's what keeps me going.
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@Simsample -You might think your game is a mess of CC though mine is just about the biggest mess because I'm almost always having trouble finding things in buy mode.I try to use the cheap loveseat and find I've placed the CC sofabed version again by mistake once too often and I can't eve remove that CC from my game because it's needed for tiny homes when they just start building a house or sims living in apartments.Clutter isn't usually placed in my sim homes because Dodge is a new town and the homesteaders are still building their homes or will be ince winter is over.
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I love cluttering my homes but never game much thought to the garage, though when I do see sims 2 pics of cluttered garages like with work benches and deco brooms or rakes or boots I get a little thrill at the details.

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I totally forgot I wanted to post in this thread! Hope it's not too late; I love clutter! In my game, I build garages quite a bit--with the way I play, all my sims need cars to get around. I don't always put a ton of stuff in the garage, though, because of the limited space. (In smaller houses and apartments, for example, I might only keep one tile around the driveway free, or maybe just 1 tile of space on the driver's side, etc.) So if I decorate, it's usually some wall clutter--some random paintings to keep my sims' motives happy. There's also a hanging item that looks like a tire that I like to use. People have spare tires in their garages, right?

Otherwise I might do a makeshift mudroom corner by any doors. I'll put up a mirror, and, using move objects, put shelves underneath or on top of the mirror. And I've a lot of clutter, so I might put some shoes or bags on the shelves or floor below. Or I might hang some jackets on the wall. A trick I like to do is take the jacket rack from TSS (the one with the surf board) and, using snap objects, move it into the wall so that only the pins/hooks show. Then I get a more generic looking coat rack. But I think I have a few cc racks, too. Speaking of clothes, if I have the room, I might also put the laundry in the garage. I've been on a "realistic houses" kick. I don't do a ton of details, but I have been putting in spaces for furnaces, water heaters, and laundry machines. All of those might go in the garage if I couldn't find a nook to tuck them away in the house. And with the laundry machines, I usually put laundry deco like bottles and boxes of detergent. Actually, now that I think about it, I should totally put some cleaning supplies in there, too. I've buckets and mops... I also tend to put tinkering or car deco, and yeah, any workbenches. The dresser from the kids' racing set makes a good-looking tool cabinet; I use that a lot. There's tool clutter in the game that I use, plus ATS' tinkering set.

Hmm, I'm usually at a loss for what to put in the garage, but after reading this thread, I realize there's lots more I can do. So thanks for the ideas everyone! I already have quite a bit of things that I could put in a garage like gardening supplies (maybe now I have an excuse to download that lawnmower I saw ) bike deco, or just other hobby clutter. I really like the holiday decorations idea, too. I'm usually too lazy to decorate houses for holidays, but maybe if I see them, I'll finally use them.

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Not a garage, but I sometimes build a storage room with leftover space in the house. If that aspiration reward is getting in the way, into the storage room it goes.

As for "decorative clutter", I only recently discovered it, and I love it.
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