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Default Risky link may exist
Hey guys!Idk if it's appropriate to report here,but I seemed to click a risky link.
It may be the article named Colour Patterns in Paint Shop Pro by Regina here .I clicked it on Safari,then it redirected to an unknown site,with a weird link,and I couldn't back cuz it redirected again and again.Then a dialog box popped up,showing something just like"Your iphone was infected by virus..."Typical scam which threaten you to choose OK and download trash APP...I guess.
Maybe the link was too old so it was sold to others?I have no idea if it only happened on smart phone,or things would be similar on PC.(Sincerely I don't wanna click to check it again
I'm hoping you can check it and delate/replace that link,if it's truely risky.Thanks for your efforts very very much!!!
Me? Sarcastic? Never.
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