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My real account is bugged, please help restore it

First: I know it's against to rules to have two accounts, but I only made this one specifically because my original one is bugged and I could find no other way to get in contact with you. Once the issue in this thread has been resolved, this account goes inactive.

My real account is "mhlut" and I can log in with it just fine. I use it to keep track of my favorite mods; have not used it on the forum even as far as I can remember. Now when I am logged in, I keep getting a notification bar on top saying "You appear to be missing at least 1 security question! Please [edit them now]". The latter part of the message is a link to, which should be the place to edit profile and security data. However, when I try to enter my profile settings (or the forum to post a support thread like this one) I get the message "mhlut, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:".

It's a deadlock: I need to get security details in order to get access to all functionality, but to get access to the security details page I need to have access to all functionality. Could you help resolve this? Thank you.
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