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Default Making the game think an adult sim went to university and dropped out
I've been re-thinking my policy of not adding university degrees to premades, and have decided that Peter and Samantha Ottomas went to university (since their EP was later than university anyway, and various other in-game reasons). Samantha is fine, because the batbox lets me give her a degree and choose her major, but Peter is more complicated - because the story I want is that he went, scraped a pass for two years and then dropped out before he got expelled. Anyone know how I can set that up? The SimPE university tab will let me say he was in the first semester of his junior year - but will that give the "went to uni but dropped out" symbol on his age bar?
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Hmm, I feel like there may be a way to do this simply, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe check the College Adjuster? Or the Sim Manipulator?

Otherwise, the way I'm thinking of requires you to actually send Peter to uni (and cheat him up to the appropriate level) and then have him drop out, using ChristianLov's Adults Go To College. That I know for sure will work, but 1. It will require you to move in the adult sim from uni, using another playable and 2. Moves the adult out from whatever household the sim is in and into the uni lot. When Peter drops out he'll be in the sim bin in the main hood.

If you want to try it, it's in ChristianLov's Mod Collection, here:

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Thanks very much for the link, as I wanted Adults Go To College anyway for some of my other sims, so I'll try that. I will also have a look through College Adjuster and Sim Manipulator to see if there's anything that works - and possibly I'll try backing up my neighbourhood and trying SimPE anyway, since adjusting Samantha's final grade like that removed the star.
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There is nothing special about the uni neighborhood that transforms adults in YAs. That only happens to teens. If you want to turn him into a YA without turning him back into a teen, you'll need some mod for that, and I can't think of any reason why that mod wouldn't work just as well in the main neighborhood.
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I would age him YA and drop him out. No need to go to uni to become a YA.

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