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Default How to make a copied item a separate catalog entry/collection question.
Ok so two very different questions.
I am editing some CC items (with full permission from the original creator) to be placeable via the in game world editor. Problem is, I have the originals in the game in merged files and it made me realize it might be the same for other people using this CC.
So what I'd like to do is make sure they have a separate catalog entry, but if I have my main CC folder in the game the world placeable version doesn't show up.
How can I make the world placeable version its own entry?

Second question.
Is it possible to assign a CC item a collection tag without doing it first in game? That way they can all be told right away "I belong to weird world plants collection". Or does it have to be done via the in game colle3ction creation system?

Thank you!
15th May 2021 at 10:30 AM
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