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Sims 3 Store/Exchange Downloads Not Working Properly
Hello everyone,

I've decided to get back into the Sims 3 recently after going a long time without playing it, but I've noticed the Sims 3 website isn't working properly compared to the last time I downloaded things from it.

For one thing, I can't seem to download anything from the Store. I had some SimPoints on my account and I've been trying to buy things, but once they're purchased, I'm unable to add them. When I click the "Download" button, nothing happens.

As for Exchange items, I noticed that my computer doesn't seem to recognize the file type. What I mean is that the "Add to Game" button doesn't work and I have to click the "Save File" button to access it, and once I do access it, the file has a generic white box logo as opposed to the Sims 3 logo. I've figured out that manually placing it in my Downloads folder and then installing it via the launcher works, but it's still a nuisance as in the past all I had to do was double click it to automatically start installing. Also, a huge chunk of downloads (not all, but most) simply won't work and give an error message: error message: "Installation failed. Please make sure your game has the latest software updates and try again."

I found another guide saying that moving your Sims 3 folder and allowing the game to create a new one could help, so I tried that, but it hasn't fixed my issues.

Is this a problem with my computer/game, or is the Sims 3 website just not working properly? And how can I get this Store content that I've already purchased to download into my game?

Thanks for the help!
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The Sims 3 Website is a bit weird and EA doesn't update it anymore. Have you tried using a different browser for the Exchange? I had some trouble with Chrome, but Firefox worked well for me. As for your purchased content, you can log in inside the game and open your Downloads Dashboard to install Store content without closing the game. Hopefully that works.
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