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Originally Posted by Mrmo

I just returned to Sims 3 after a major break and I already have a question for you.

I was playing in the Starlight Shore world and had created a new sim just for fun. I did place her in a random home and that was the home of Darrel Lott. Then I did return to my played sim. A couple of sim days I wanted to end my play session but just before I left my sim a popup told me that she was sad because Darrel (who she met at a party) have died. Now I have seen this type of messages before and just have to ask: What's up whit this mystical deaths? My sims is supposed to live for 964 days (aging turned off). And Darrel was a adult (or maybe a young adult). So why did he die? And why wasn't I informed? Do anyone know about a fix for this? It's no fun playing a game that do random things like that.

Perhaps he didn't die of old age. Should be an option to disable death altogether, no?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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