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Default No sim to sim interaction possible
So, I got that new computer, had my two Origin accounts merged, which caused a lot of trouble, because the Sims 3 Launcher wouldn't load. After that problem was solved, not all expansions were in the launcher. This problem is solved, too. My new problem is that my sims can't interact with each other anymore, after I saved, quit and returned to my game. Last night I started a new game, had my sims interact with each other. Then I saved it, went to bed, today I wanted to take off where I left yesterday but no matter I clicked on that sim the other sim was supposed to interact with, the menue didn't open. They can interact with everything but other sims. I tried several times, also with all CC removed. The problem is still there.
I don't want to start a new game everyday
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The problem seems to be solved.
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