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No shade being thrown at Iron Seagull here.

How many times does this have to happen before the sims community figures out these are no longer leaks? If it happened a couple of times, okay. However, these so-called 'leaks' have happened every time for well over a year now.

I'm almost positive EA has more than one lawyer to deal with crap like this; nothing has happened. Considering we are talking about EA here who if allowed would take candy from a baby, it's safe to say these are not leaks. This is Maxis looking for attention in all wrong ways which has also become the new standard. The Golden Poo standard...
#527 Old Today at 10:38 AM
Just looking at this for even a second makes me want to puke. It breaks my heart how they have treated most of their fans in the last 12 months, left with half a broken game with absolutely nothing to look forward too, and not even a TS5 on the horizon.
#528 Old Today at 11:16 AM
??? I s2g most of those items are just recolors of other items

what does his name even mean?
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#529 Old Today at 4:09 PM
that male tank top at the bottom right looks familiar.

All the hoods are merely the same, so I made ones where all the Sims aren't straight.
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