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In what should have been the height of summer, SMB Northbridge experienced a brief let-up in the bitter cold and constant snowstorms that had plagued them for over a year. It certainly couldn't be called summer, but the ground was clear of snow for a few days and for once it actually rained rather than snowing. On the third day of this short spring season, the refugees ran outside to stare at the sight of a red sports car coming over the bridge. Some of them soon recognized the driver as the great Broadway star Vasyl Bruty - but none was as excited as soup kitchen worker Sandy Bruty, who knew Vasyl simply as "Dad".

The other occupants of the car were found bunks in the barracks or refugee quarters, while Vasyl moved in with his daughter and her boyfriend, Mark Yates. With Vasyl at home all day, Mark called the CO to say that they could now adopt a child, and the following morning Matthew Elliott showed up with a wild-haired little waif named Charles. Charlie and Vasyl love each other's company and spend a lot of time playing chess or tossing a football together, though Vasyl makes sure Charlie studies other subjects, too. Shortly after Charlie's arrival, Sandy fell pregnant, and baby Theodore has joined the household, so the two-bedroom ranch is a bit crowded these days.

I figured out why Matthew Elliott was so grouchy - he was in denial about his sexual orientation. He is now out of the closet and out of the barracks, living in family quarters with his fiancé, Amin Sims. They don't have a greenhouse, as there isn't enough glass to go around, but Matthew found a pond in the woods that had been hidden under snow and ice until the thaw. There wasn't enough room to cast a line, so he had to take a squad out there to cut down some trees, but Amin has since been back and caught a couple of fish. It's probably frozen over again by now, but at least they know it's there for the next time. Meanwhile, they've taken advantage of a convenient run of days off to adopt a lively little red-headed boy named Douglas. Oddly enough, Matthew seems to be getting on better with the women of his acquaintance now he isn't thinking he ought to want to marry them.

Alvin Futa became an independent teen and is now working fulltime at the hospital. He and his foster-father, David Fell, are both interns and not currently showing any sign of being interested in a promotion. Although David is a Family Sim, he is so shy around women that I'm beginning to wonder if he's ever going to marry; certainly it seems that Alvin might well marry first, as he is much more outgoing and has several female BFFs.
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After lots of playing my "Testville" neighbourhood while testing my new mod, it seems to be working and I'm back to playing Strangetown.

Eric Curious has just grown up into a teenager, so Lazlo took him across the road for some shopping (Lazlo bought Eric some new clothes, while Eric bought a mobile phone and a handheld game console) and some bowling. Eric is very like his dad in both looks and personality, but Eric is Pleasure rather than Knowledge and so doesn't have Lazlo's occasional 'must learn new skill now' urges - he just plays more games. At some point I'll need to work out whether or not Eric is going to college - he doesn't want to study, but he often does want to go, and both his parents would love to have had the chance.

Meanwhile Eric's mum Kristen finally got the promotion she's been hoping for, and is now at level 9 of the Dance career. One more promotion to her LTW, so she's really looking forward to getting the last few skill points she needs before she's next at work.
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As a result of my pulling a mod out that allows the visitors to a household to use the showers, there is less crowding for the bathroom..but the visitors stink pretty bad after a few hours...too bad! If they need a bath they can go home and take it!

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I went into Durango and did some editing on the community service center and the homestead there.
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I am pretty much through my first generation of Pleasantview. Daniel Pleasant was my first playable to die of old age. He was living with his girlfriend Brandi Le Tourneau and his son Oscar at the time. Daniel was pretty happy, enjoying an affair with Nina, at the top of his career, good friends with his sons, and made up with his ex-wife, but due to a work scandal, he lost a lot of money and left Brandi in a lot of debt. Mary-Sue has sold her home and moved into the retirement community along with the Burbs, but she is still occasionally having an inappropriate affair with Beau Broke.

Beau is single and living in the boarding house. He was dating Jane Stacks, who was also living there, but then she and two other boarding house residents died of a cold that was being passed around, which conveniently freed up some rooms for my graduates. Kaylynn also lives there since she quit being a maid and entered the culinary career, and Chase Pleasant and Gerry Caliente will live there as long as they are single. If Chase and Gerry save up enough, they may get a condo together as they are best friends. Of my other graduates, Emmaline Goth will surely have enough money to buy a condo, and Donald Burb and Fiona Lothario will likely get married and buy a house.

Of my other families, Dustin and Angela tried to have a second child for a long time but weren't successful. As soon as they gave up, risky woohoo kicked in, and now they have a new baby named Wanda, along with their teen son, Nathan. They bought a bigger house.

Dirk and Lilith seem quite content to continue living in the trailer park and not have any more children. Their son Michael is also a teen and is dating Lacey Lothario.

Nina had to get a job because Don is no longer financially supporting her, and she'll probably have to keep working well into her elder years. She misses Daniel. Her younger son Leon is a teen and is dating Meadow Thayer.

Darren is planning to throw a golden anniversary party for Brandi and is working on painting a masterpiece. Their daughter Olivia only just became a teen, and they have a younger child, Roddy. Hopefully, Brandi will live long enough to see them both through college.

Alexander and Lucy have two young children, Rhiannon and Ulysses, and are planning to have a third when they can find the time. Dina is still living with them. She got depressed because Don was no longer taking her phone calls and she was approaching elderhood, so she seduced Alexander one afternoon while Lucy was at work. Hopefully, it was a one-time thing.

As an elder, Don seems pretty content. His dotes on his daughters and is very proud of his young son, Sterling. He's taken up playing the piano and has given up all of his affairs. Cassandra never found out about his cheating.
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I actually got around to recording how many days left all of my sims have in their age stages in my Notion spreadsheet, and that allowed me to make this projection about how the YA population is going to change in the next ~20 rotations or so. The parenthesized values are taken from the Teens Going to College column from earlier turns and are not entirely accurate, since the sims that are graduating during these turns haven't actually gone to college yet and I'll probably move in spouses for them, which will add to the number of sims graduating in particular turns, but which also adds to the total number of YAs in earlier turns, so it probably works out. The last value for Teens Going to College has a + after it because I'm currently playing the turn during which these sims are being born, so there will probably be more of them.

Rotation	Teens Going to College		YAs Graduating From College		Net Gain in YAs compared to turn 85
86		1				6					-5
87		1				2					-6
88		2				0					-4
89		7				2					+1
90		1				6					-4
91		0				2					-6
92		3				1					-4
93		4				1					-1
93		4				(1)					+2
94		3				(1)					+4
95		3				(2)					+5
96		1				(7)					-1
97		4				(1)					+2
98		8				(0)					+10
99		7				(3)					+14
100		4				(4)					+14
101		6				(4)					+16
102		7				(3)					+20
103		5				(3)					+22
104		2				(1)					+23
105		4+				(4)					+23+

Anyway, as of the end of turn 85, I had 20 YAs - it looks like the number will more than double by the time my recently newborn babies go to college. Because of the YA maternity hack, I actually have a total of 33 sims of various ages living on campus, though. Who knows how big that number will get.
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#6632 Old 9th Jun 2021 at 10:52 AM
Lucy and Alvin Burb were at home taking care of their newborn Marshall. Alvin had the day off and Lucy wanted to ask him on a date. I thought sure, why not? You'll make the most of your date at home. And they did! The mod I have that gives 5% chance of pregnancy with regular woohoo finally worked! I mean, they'd have another baby for sure since Lucy is a family sim but I love the element of surprise. If only it had worked with Nina too...

Dustin rolled the want to flirt with Angela... He's married with a kid and the one bolt they used to have has disappeared. Absolutely NOT Dustin. Btw his wife Lucy, like his mom, works from home selling the flowers she makes.

Brandi's lifetime want to graduate 3 kids has been satisfied, even though only two have graduated so far. I don't know why but in her memories Beau has graduated twice. I don't know what's up with that but I hope Skip Jr. will want to go too.

Poor Nestor Goth had to watch his sister Nighat get into private school while he and his terrible grades are staying firmly in public school. He also has a fear of going to school occasionally, which tells me he's comparing himself to his sister and feeling pretty insecure right now. His aspiration is in the low green and he has been wanting to earn money for ages, but he won't tell me what job he wants. Maybe he'll convince his mom to buy him a computer so he can give some financial advice...
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#6633 Old 9th Jun 2021 at 7:08 PM
I did more editing to my lots in Durango to prepare for a new game.I tested out new CC and added a few things to my lots.
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I played some more today and sadly, Don and Nina are no more. Don took Gretchen to a community lot, which of course meant that catastrophe was imminent. First they went to Londoste. They had just ordered and Don was about to make a toast, when Renee Do (I think?) appeared out of nowhere and slapped him in a jealous rage. He somehow found a way to explain this to Gretchen (crazy ex? crazy patient?) and they were off to that botanical restaurant.

Everything was going great, Don proposed, then he went to call a taxi back home. Right at the moment when he was about to hug Gretchen, there comes Nina, slapping the crap out of him. I'm sure Gretchen started feeling suspicious at that point, especially since she's been in these women's place with Don in the past. But he had just proposed and his excuses were so convincing... Anyway, they arrived back at Don's apartment... It was a dream date, but after the deed was over Gretchen left, muttering something about needs. I guess she feels conflicted. Don's engagement memory is red so he's already regretting this...

Next morning, Crystal Wade was passing by. Don was already friendly with her so he asked her on a date. They stayed at his apartment, but after it was over he wanted a public woohoo so he called Jill Smith. When he came back home, Gretchen called him to ask him on another date. She must be feeling insecure. Don didn't appreciate the clinginess so after they came back he asked her to leave... He's not gonna marry you, Gretch. THEN the phone rang again. It was Calista Fuchs asking him on another date. Don was feeling very energetic but *I* was exhausted. Maybe he'll invite her tomorrow, but for now, the rotation is over for him (currently I play one day in each household)

Sigh... freaking romance sims!
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Started a new neighborhood. This is my first attempt to run (small) businesses and have something of an integrated hood, and also there will be supernaturals. It is set in Baskerville, which is a remote desert town (downloaded from here--it really reminds me of so many small towns I have visited). The only thing close by is a technical college, La Fiesta Tech. This will play very differently from my Pleasantview, so I have an option for when I need a change.

I started out using the Prosperity Challenge rules and rolled three families, but after playing them for a season, I decided I needed to add in a few more families or there wouldn't be any diversity, so I added three more--plus Stella Terrano. I plan to use the other La Fiesta Tech graduates as my townies. Some jobs in town, like Town Manager and Police Chief, can only be filled by one person at a time, and may be taken by playables or townies, but the town also attracts a lot of artistic/hippie types who supplement their meager incomes with retail, restaurant, or hotel work.

So here's the town story. The "founder" and Town Manager is Glen Ades. He inherited the local grocer/newsstand business and a fair amount of money from his parents, who retired to Arizona. Glen very much wants to put Baskerville on the map as a tourist destination, and he's very concerned with appearances and avoiding scandal. His wife, Edie, helps out in the store sometimes but is not a motivated worker. She prefers to spend her time reading paranormal romance novels and she fantasizes about hairy, burly men who howl at the moon and might ravage her at night. They have four kids: Jennifer is at college; twins Elvin and Katlyn; and baby Gail.

Nathalie Amrich is a freelance investigative reporter who recently moved to town and wants to dig up dirt, any dirt, that she can write about and sell tons of books. She was almost immediately fired as town reporter because she wasn't content to write grocery-circular copy, so now she is freelance. She started an affair with Glen primarily to find out about any scandals, but now she thinks she might be in love with him, and he's certainly not going to leave his family. After she got fired, Glen hired her on at the store so they can have alone time together. He's probably not being careful enough about hiding this affair.

Gabriel Ajello also recently moved to town. He works as a paranormal researcher at the university, but he's really here to search for alien life. His wife recently disappeared, leaving him the sole caregiver for his son Junior, and he's convinced she was abducted by aliens. He's a bit of a neglectful dad because he spends so much time on his telescope. He's also started a relationship with Nathalie, which is a bit more casual for her than it is for him.

After I played them for a while, I started getting La Fiesta Tech graduates in the bin (thanks to the Story Progression mod, which is only controlling uni). I also made a YA named Octavio who was designated to be my werewolf townie. When they graduated, I saw that Stella wanted to get a job in Education. There is a school in town, and once Stella took all her fellow graduates' money, she had more than enough to buy it. She will just teleport in the school kids and let them free will there during the afternoons. Yes, she looks a little strange, but the official story is that she has a skin condition, although not everyone will buy that. I played her for one night, and she booty-called Octavio, which was pretty convenient. She has tons of werewolf wants. The town school will definitely be a place of suspicion, but Glen will do everything he can to cover up any oddities.

After Stella moved in and the werewolf sightings started leaking out, I had three more families moved in, who have only been set up in their houses as of now. Geraldo Barnacle is an elder natural scientist who works at La Fiesta Tech. He lives with his adult son, Roscoe, who's a bit of a hustler and wants to start a business. Herbert Bostelman is the ROTC recruiter at the tech school, but that seems odd to some people--is there another reason the military might be interested in Baskerville? He is divorced and lives with his elderly mother, Lillie, who helps take care of his son, Bobbie. Finally, Cole and Jacqueline Blaha are a young married hippie couple who moved into a small shack and have almost no money. They plan to sell junk out in the yard to finance all of their "hobbies."

This neighborhood has been fun to set up, so I hope I can stick with it and see how it grows.
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I'd previously mentioned setting up another iteration of PV using some previously downloaded families from wherever-which included the Sims 1 families simmified for 2.

I thought it would be fine, until two separate instances of "twirling around frantically waving while pregnant but not doing anything else" occurred and after having tried every single thing to stop the insanity did not work, had to dump the neighborhood.

That was a shame. I was hoping that it would work, but thankfully Tinsel Town is safe from harm!

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I was worried that the ACR settings in my new neighborhood weren't quite right because I thought there should be more jealousy than there was. Edie Ades invited over Gunnar Roque and, out of boredom, I guess, decided to woohoo with him just when her husband Glen was getting home. I thought I would hear the bong! bud didn't. Then the woohoo animation ended and all I saw was Glen standing at the edge of the bed, face red, pounding his fist into his palm. It was terrifying. So jealousy is working just fine, it seems. Neither Glen nor Edie want their marriage to end, Glen for appearance' sake and Edie because she loves her kids and has a pretty cushy life, so Edie is not going to see Gunnar anymore. Of course, Glen was having his own affair with Nathalie that Edie doesn't know about, although she knows she hates Nathalie and the feeling is mutual. Nathalie came to the conclusion that Glen would never leave his family so when her other boyfriend Gabriel popped the question, she accepted.

I decided to do weddings a bit differently in this hood, and there can only be a home wedding if the couple are rich enough to set it up right. Otherwise, they have to have a civil ceremony at the town hall or have the wedding in the banquet room at the hotel. I set the banquet room up with a buffet, wedding arch, cake, and music, and had Gabriel and Nathalie get married there to try it out. It worked really well. They had guests in the other visitors to the lot who all watched the ceremony, ate, and danced. When they cut the cake, everyone got a piece, even the bartender and hotel clerk. This lot is not a "real" hotel--it just has a second floor with bedrooms--so they were able to go upstairs to the "honeymoon suite," consummate the marriage (they tried for baby but it did not happen), and sleep overnight. I was really pleased.

Elsewhere in my neighborhood, Jennifer Ades graduated from college and became an assistant teacher at the school. She is looking around for a husband, and there are plenty of eligible bachelors around, but the only man who she's really passionate about is Octavio the werewolf (three bolts!). It's a doomed love because she doesn't want to become a werewolf and go live in the woods, and he can't marry her because he's a werewolf and there are rules against that (my rules). Octavio also ran into my military guy, Herbert, at a community lot while in werewolf form, and Herbert hated him at first sight. He antagonized him all night until they got in a fight and Octavio beat Herbert senseless. The next night, for revenge Octavio sneaked into Herbert's house and attacked his mother. Octavio had better take care or there will be a mob after him.

My hippie couple ran the easiest business I have ever attempted: a yard sale. They held it on a Saturday, drank beer all day, and sold everything they had. They went from $60 in their bank account to over $3000. Jacqueline would often get distracted while running the register and wander off to read a book in the middle of a transaction, which I thought was pretty spot on, but they still got to Level 1. Now Cole is thinking about opening a permanent stall in the downtown flea market.
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Vasyl Bruty received a job offer he couldn't refuse, when an acquaintance said, "Hey, Vasyl, I work in the Social Security career track, and we could really use a Sim like you to work as a Social Security Recipient right now." Social Security comes at the very bottom of the list of careers I'll be adding to post-apocalypse SMB Northbridge, but Vasyl wasn't going to be around long enough to actually make a claim, so I let him accept anyway, since it made him happy.

Vasyl died on the same day his grandson, Theodore, grew up to child. Poor Theo, not only did he lose his beloved grandpa, who had been his primary carer, but his birthday was completely overlooked as everyone rushed to see the hula dancers take Vasyl.

Otherwise, it's been a very quiet week at Northbridge. Nobody seems interested in earning a promotion, so it may be some time before another career is unlocked. I've deleted David and Alvin's chess table, in the hopes they might develop an interest in skilling again if they can't spend every waking moment at the chess board. Alvin, at least, is a Knowledge Sim, so now he's maxed out Logic he really should start wanting to study something else.
#6639 Old 13th Jun 2021 at 11:06 PM
I had to hire the nanny because my sim got divorced and there was no one to watch the toddler. Midway through her shift, the nanny decided to do something to annoy the sentrybot, which shocked her and she ran off the lot. The social worker did come for the toddler, but instead of taking him I just got a notification that she was giving me a second chance and I had 24 hours to improve? I didn't know that could happen. Anyway, she left, and the toddler and later on a child were able to occupy the house alone without problems until their father got home.

Anyway, I modified the sentrybotshockscoach mod to ignore on-duty nannies even if they are doing something bad. Just need to test it.
#6640 Old Yesterday at 2:08 PM
In Baskerville, my hippie couple bought a flea market booth and got it up to rank 2 just selling junk and used books. Glen finally forgave his wife for woohooing with Gunnar Roque, but then he lost his reelection campaign to Gunnar! I guess Gunnar cornered the slacker vote. Glen's daughter Jennifer decided to go husband shopping even though she's desperately in love with the werewolf Octavio and picked Matthew Hart; on the night before the wedding, she had one last woohoo with Octavio and got pregnant--the child has a 50% chance of becoming a werewolf when he grows up. Matthew has no idea.

Geraldo Barnacle dated and then married Lillie Bostelman (civil ceremony at the town hall), which makes sense because they are the only two elders in town, but it's still sweet. His son Roscoe started dating Stella Terrano, and when they got serious, Stella wanted to turn him into a werewolf. It turns out that the werewolves are products of alien experimentation. Who knew? She had Octavio turn Roscoe, but he was not too happy about the whole situation, broke up with her, and ran off to the woods. So now there are two werewolves prowling the edge of town.

Also, babies!
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@FranH -I would switch to just usiing the Pleasantview terrain template and starting with my own recrations and renditions of the Pleasantview ancestors in the 17th century when the town was first settled and slwoly add couples to the town as the town is built up.I'm about to start that with my own Pleasantview Epic Challenge starting with the founding of the new colony in the turn of the 17th century and slowly progressing into the modern times.I'm doing this with my own renditions of the ancestors and a few extras in a blank Pleasantview template instead of using the Pleasantview shipped with the game which is corrupt and is likely why it glitched out so fast on you.
I've been downloading some period approriate areers for my Pleasanview Epic Challenge game like fishing and domestic service.
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