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Default I make now slider but.
I make now slider for the mouth in this part of the mouth [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] but now the mouth is deformed [IMG][/IMG] how to fix it ?
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Don't fix it. Let's share it and call unfortunate lips surgeon slider, ok? :D

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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i moved vertices to fix the lips and they are done and with lip mask for density but now don't see the density by moving left or right how to fix this to restore the density of the lips as you can see there are no outlines of the lips from the mask how can I get them back?
is there any way to do it evenly
and when smiling shows this
and here it is uneven how to fix the mouth?
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