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Default Hello! Introduction thread!
Hello to my first member and welcome to the group, please introduce yourself along with any other members who join. I'm Cheyenne, I'll be 22 next month, I live in Lockport NY USA, and I adore the sims 3. I'm currently unemployed and on Social Security Disability for my Asperger's Syndrome and mental disorders, I live with my mother and stepfather in a house along with our 2 dogs and my 2 cats. I love history, particularly the 17th-mid 20th centuries and horror, particularly Lovecraftian and Satanic. I am an atheistic Lovecraftian Satanist, also into pagan religion and the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I collect baby dolls, I especially like horror, vintage, antique, and reborn ones. I'm a Brony and also collect My Little Pony. I'm rockabilly and Victorian Goth. I identify as aromantic towards real men but heteroromantic towards fictional and historical men asexual. I'm a virgin. I don't want a relationship or marriage or kids and prefer my imaginary husbands, cats, and dolls to men and children. I like to write. The love of my life is Charles II of Spain. Tell me a little, or a lot, about yourself! This is the thread to do it
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Hello I am Adreanna my real name is Elizabeth I was born in Japan but raise in the United States, I live in Arizona, my birthday is January 10th 2000 my age is easy because it goes by the year, I had my birthday this month so I am 17 and its 2017 last year 2016 I was 16 so my age is easy, I have 3 cats, Rover, Kitty, and Baby. Rover is a girl, Kitty is a boy, we don't know the gender of Baby but I think Baby is a girl.

I Have ADHD and Anxiety and I take pills for them, I love to read mostly Horror, Adventure, Action...Mostly anything (I'll add more later)

Faith is made stronger by facing doubt, untested it is nothing.
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I'm Elynda. I was born in Plymouth, in the county of Devon, England, where I still live. Apart from a few years living in Singapore as a child, I've never ventured far from home. I trained as a dancer and actor (done both professionally, although never with any spectacular success). Along the way I've worked as stage hand and roadie. I obtained a BA(Hons) in Theatre and English at the University of Plymouth. But my first love has always been writing, mainly Science Fiction and Fantasy, so naturally I read a lot of that. But I also love Shakespeare, medieval English literature, ancient history and mythology. I am also a devoted and lifelong fan of Shirley Temple.

And, of course, I also play The Sims (2 and 3). Currently I'm working on chapter 11 of 'The Scumthorpe Inheritance' - which I hope to finish before I die!

Simblr: Elyndaworld *** Wordpress: Tales of Nantrelor
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