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Originally Posted by simsfreq
Is there any good way or place to look for creators who might be open to requests? Or even someone who might be able to help me figure out how to do something myself. I'm thinking tumblr etc, which I'm terrible at. Where is the sims create community hanging out now? I know there is that thread here on MTS but most of the posts on there are about 10 years old so I doubt it's current any more.

I'm looking to make a tiny tweak (fix) in the way ACR odds for TFB are calculated, that has bugged me ever since I spotted it!

I think you could try asking tumblr modders like midgethetree or lazy-duchess in the ask box, although emphasis is on ask about how you could do it, because I don't think they're taking requests.
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Originally Posted by Mischief Managed
These two sims are part of a set I didn't realize til yesterday I made the yellow dress basically all one color (I don't have the time or energy to change it) But I do have to options for the blue dress, where the underdress fades to white or to a lighter blue. Which looks better?
These are not easy questions to answer, as they really are a matter of personal taste. Of the three I think I prefer the yellow one, but that may just be because, if you'd asked me my favourite colour when I was five, I would undoubtedly have answered "yellow".

The difference between the two blue ones is subtle. I think it makes sense to consider the practicalities of women wearing the full length dresses and skirts in historical periods when society really required them to do so. Some of the fading may be due to sunlight, where a shawl or even a parasol may have shaded the upper body from the sun. But I think much of the fading must be due to the attempt to keep clothes clean. In the time before tarmac these full length garments would undoubtedly have quickly become muddy in wet weather. Some dirt could probably have been brushed off, but washing would undoubtedly be necessary to remove the caked-in mud. In the age before washing machines and detergents, this probably meant scrubbing with stones in a nearby stream, and some of the dye would get scrubbed away along with the mud. So, I prefer the one that has only faded to a paler shade of blue (3), because it's newer than the one where the colour at the bottom is completely washed out.

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