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This challenge looks interesting. Is anyone still running it?
Me? Sarcastic? Never.
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Yeah. I be happy if more people contribute to it, since I love to see how creative members are

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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#29 Old 3rd May 2021 at 11:41 PM
Default "Hotties" - The Ranch Retreat rebuilt as a Boutique
Better late than never?! This is the conversion of Maxis Ranch Retreat that I promised back in July 2018. I made a start on it soon after. I changed the zoning to Community and I provisionally gave it the name Capital Clothing. I relaxed the rules as I always intended to do -- basically making the structural changes that I felt were necessary to fit the building for it's new purpose. Basically I would (if the budget permitted) make the same changes if it were a real life building.

I put Maxis Match plate glass shop windows, with matching double doors, all along the frontage of the building. I replaced the door into the front bedroom with a single arch, to ease access, and to make it easier for the cashier to keep an eye on the whole shop. And I put a dividing wall inside the original long bathroom, diving it into 2x2 toilet cubicles, each with a wash-hand basin. The rear bedroom was retained, redesignated as a staff mess room. And then my inspiration deserted me, and I left it uncompleted for the next couple of years. I couldn't think what to do with the internal decor and the actual shopfitting. Only when I shifted my game to my new laptop at the beginning of October last year did my Muse return, and I finally completed and opened the shop.

In the end I fitted it out as a boutique specialising in lingerie, swimwear and suchlike items. The name "Capital Clothing" no longer seemed appropriate so I changed it to "Hotties". If you're familiar with teenage Romance Sims, you'll know they're called "hotties" when they're in Gold Aspiration. (And I'm sure a lot of mine -- boys as well as girls -- like being called hotties!)

So here it is, Hotties boutique in Monopolis:
First some general views of the building's exterior:

Now a couple of pictures showing the general layout of the shop:

Now some pictures taken inside the shop:


@SneakyWingPhoenix : I hope you don't mind that I've built this, inspired by your challenge, but with the rules significantly relaxed. I think it still fits in with the spirit of your challenge, and the shop still has much of the look and feel of the original Ranch Retreat. I wouldn't have said anything, but I see that child_of_air got very upset because TadOlson was playing her Homesteader Challenge by different rules, and in the end got so upset that she completely deleted the thread (which I honestly think was an over-reaction). I hope you're happy with the way I've done this, but if you are upset by me not playing by your rules, please let me know. If necessary, I can delete this post, ad re-submit it as a new variant of the challenge. Whatever you do, please don't delete the whole thread like child_of_air did. Amongst other things that would mean deleting gazania's submission, which would really be a loss, as I fear that gazania is no longer with us.

Anyway, thanks for thinking up the challenge and starting the thread!

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