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Default New Challenge - The Sims 4 : Five Emotion Challenge
Hi! This will be my first challenge for The Sims 4, so please, don't be rude, and feel free to try it out! (You may also do it in The Sims 3, but it was written for The Sims 4.)

The Sims 4 : Five Emotion Challenge
The whole point of the challenge is to get the five emotions back into the sims body.

First Off
- Make a sim (No Restrictions, Only The Sim Has To Be A YA) to be the main character of the challenge
- Make a best friend for the main character (Must Be Smart and Be A Scientist!)
- Make FIVE other sims from the main sim and change the last name to that emotion. You can also change their appearance but not as much their looks. You must also make their traits correspond with their emotion.
- Once done with CAS, you can buy, build or download any house
- No cheats! Money cheats, mods that give you an advantage, skill cheats, etc.

The main sim is majorly depressed over a bad breakup, and their best friend is very worried for their future. So, the best friend makes a machine where it perfects your emotions (EXAMPLE : Boost Happiness and Lower Sadness). The main sim gets in the machine and the best friend starts to work on the main sims emotions. All of a sudden, a terrible storm rolls in and lightning strikes the building hard. Soon after, everything is malfunctioning and exploding. When it stops, the best friend see's smoke from where the main sim is. The main sim stumbles out with five other people following. One is smiling very big, one is crying very hard, one has love hearts in their eyes and are goo goo gaa gaa in love with everything their eyes look at, one has steam rolling out of their nose and ears, and the last one has big glasses who won't stop repeating scientific formulas. They find out that the machine didn't enhance the main sims emotions, the machine actually brought them to life. Now they have to get the emotions back into the main sims body.

- The FIVE emotions must be, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Love, and Smarts
- You CANNOT let the emotions talk to any outside people except the love interest.
- You must try and keep the emotions from gaining any other skills besides their main one
- The best friend must do all the cooking and take care of the house

Point Of The Challenge
To get the emotions back into the main sims body, you must gain a curtain skill for each sim (SKILLS: Happiness : Charisma Skill (talk to main sim for this) - Sadness : Violin Skill (since the violin is played during sad events as a joke) - Anger : Mischief Skill - Love : Art (since you can paint flirty paintings) - Smarts : Logic Skill (by playing chess or something like that). At the same time, you must gain the best friends skills being smart and also gain their work experience as a scientist. You don't just gain their skills, you gain a relationship with a LOVE interest. This part is all up to the emotion LOVE. As you progress Love's skill, you must also fall in LOVE with a potential lover for the main sim. Once all the sims have gotten to level ten in their assigned skill and the love interest for the LOVE sim at least proposes, then you have almost completed the challenge!

How To Win The Challenge
You must somehow make the five emotions disappear back into the main sims body (YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE FOR THIS!) . Once the emotions are gone, you can cheat to get the love interest and the main sim to be in love. Use the cheat (modify.relationship Firstname Lastnamesim1 Firstname Lastnamesim2 # Romance_Main) then you reverse the two names so they both love each other equally. Then after that, you do the same except except instead of Romance_Main you do Friendship_Main. Once the love interest and main sim are married, the challenge is COMPLETE!

How You Lose
- Have the emotions gain a different skill past level 4 (except their main skill)
- Have more than the Love emotion fall in LOVE with the love interest

That's pretty much it! If you have any further questions about this challenge, please ask! Also don't be afraid to help me make this challenge better! Thanks everyone! Bye!
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