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Default Runaway Teen Couple Challenge
The Runaway Teen Couple Challenge
By: MySimsCouples
Hey Guys! So, with there being a “Runaway Teen Challenge” and a “Runaway Couple Challenge” I figured, why not combine the two? That would make game play fun and more interesting for everyone, right? This challenge will consist of two lovebird teen sims. Since the Sims 4 doesn’t currently let us pick “Girlfriend” or “Boyfriend” as a relationship in the game yet, you’ll have to build their relationship quickly on the first day to make them boyfriend and girlfriend. That usually isn’t hard because its teens. C’mon. Sexual hormones are racing and they’re longing for a relationship, (especially with the jealous trait). Plus, you can’t just make a family of teens so you’ll have to add an adult in the beginning of the game and kill them off later. You could hit crtl+shift+C to open the cheat bar and type in “testingcheats on” to turn cheats on. Then, you’ll enter “cas.fulleditmode”. You then can go into your family and delete the adult sim and start the challenge.
So, here’s the rules:
-There must be a COUPLE
-They must be TEENS
-You may choose whatever aspirations or traits you want. There is no restriction.
-You can dress these teens anyway that you like.
-They must move into a 30x20 or a 40x30 lot. No smaller or bigger.
-Cover your lot in plants, trees, shrubs, etc. to make it look like an abandoned lot, since they would live in an area adult sims wouldn’t try to see them and investigate. (Although, you might still get one but, just ignore them.)
-These teens will start out with 7,000 simoleons
-You must build a shack or house (whichever you choose) to live in
-This shack must include:
-At least one bed
-At least one toilet
-At least one shower/tub
-At least one sink (this sink can be placed either in the bathroom, kitchen or somewhere random.)
-At least one Fridge
-At least one oven
-At least one counter (to prepare food)
-If you have money leftover, buy skill items ONLY (for the time being).
-Any leftover money has to be taken from your household funds with a cheat “money 0”
(Now, since these teens start out with more than they would in the Runaway Teen Challenge, these rules above apply more towards the Runaway Couple Challenge who start out with a shack).
-The age spans have to be set to long. Age spans may not be “normal” or shorter.
-These teens may NOT have jobs. They have to scavenge (and use skill items that bring in money) to earn money and improve their homes.
-These teens may NOT talk to anyone OTHER than other teens or children. (If there is a situation where your teen female is pregnant because of mods, you may talk to the doctor at the hospital if you have Get to Work).
-The teens may NOT go to school
Now, to add even MORE of a challenge for you, you can even add in one of the teens younger siblings to take care of.
You must have:
-At least one bed for this child
-At least one skill building object for this child.
-At least one toy object for this child.
Now, to age up this child, you must have at least a level 8 in one of the child skills and an ‘A’ in school. There is no use to add a child to add more of a challenge if you can just age them up quickly without any restrictions.
With GTW, you can make these sims aliens if you want and disguise them or whatever you wish. There will be no restrictions with Aliens.
Your teens may NOT have a retail lot. This will involve interaction with older sims which is against the rules.
(There may STILL be some kinks that I'd have to work out. I've play tested for a time to get money amounts right and such. Comment with any concerns or need an clarifications. There will be the shack that I had built u on the gallery under my name "AchissaMarie".)
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Sounds like a good challenge
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sounds interesting. i may try.
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