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BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE CREATOR OF THE Mean girls challenge:Hi guys,It's Alex again and today I will bring you a new challenge.In this challenge you will have to adapt and use your imagination to have the best experience.Once again there will be character and lot requirements but this time you only need one lot and household,also If you want to create the lot yourself there will be a builders handbook and this challenge requires the trick-with-handbuzzer murder mod,enjoy!
You must have eight sims,4 girls and 4 guys,they must all be young adults and at least one must have the evil trait and one must have the good trait
If you do not want to build your own lot there will be a lot on the gallery named THE CORNACOPIA:HG SIM by Bumpyal this is the lot I created for the challenge
Your lot must have two layers of trees one to form a wall around the lot and one to form a wall around the cornacopia.The cornacopia should be something of an idol I used the enlarge cheat to make an indoor plant huge.Next is the things you must collect these are to be placed around the cornacopia:4 tents 4 campfires 2 coolers and two items to simulate weaponry like a sim ray if you have get to work(To get these type in the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat) or a knife block if you don't.In the forest you must have two trees you can nap in(place a lounge chair in a tree via bb.moveobjects cheat)and a pond to fish in(search fishing after you type in the bb.showhidden objects cheat)and that is my building guide I would suggest putting it on your biggest lot.
The rules are:you can only control one character if that character dies you move on to a new one.You can only take two of the items from the cornacopia the rest must be shared evenly between the rest of the characters.You can only share supplies with someone when you have either suduced(reached a half-full love meter)or befriended(reach a friend status)with someone.You cannot have a boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend.You must destroy urns imediantley.You cannot leave the lot.You cannot get pregnant.To win the challenge you must eliminate all other tributes
Now,you may be asking,how is it a hunger games without the ability to kill,well there are many ways to kill people if you use your imagination these are the ways to kill:OUTRIGHT MURDER:If you get the weaponry at the cornocopia at the begining you can kill someone whenever but this can only be done once.
Hyperthermia:If someone tries to sleep in the night when not inside a tent or near a fire they have died from hyperthermia and you can kill them.
Fighting:If you fight with someone and you win you can then kill them.
Drowning in a frozen lake:If you hug someone next to the pond between 11:40 p.m and 12:00 a.m you have pushed them into the lake and you can kill them
Suicide:If someone has 5 sadness points in total the have commited suicide and you can kill them
Now that we know how other people can die to add some of survival how can you die?:Hyperthemia:The exact same way as above
Fighting:If you fight someone and you loose you must be killed by someone
Drowning in a frozen lake:same way as above
Suicide:same way as above
I hope you really enjoy this challenge I will be playing it on my youtube channel(Alex Hennessy,yes he did make the mean girls challenge)and with that happy simming!
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