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Default Sims 4 Lush Life:turbo Careers *UPDATED*
Hi guys,this is one of the set of two challenges I created for Zerbu's Turbo Careers mod pack.
In this challenge you must have the entertainer career but you can pick either branch*unless you choose the Pro athlete craft*
The goal of this challenge is to go from a nobody to a celebrity by socializing,leveling up in your career
partying,making money and having an awesome house.
Hey,The most recent update for this challenge add's:
A Rival
Your Craft
The Matchmaker
These new features will show up *like this*.
20 celebs 10 male 10 female
1 media worker
*1 matchmaker*
*1 rival*
a 40 x 30 lot
Turbo Careers mod by Zerbu
*Packable crates mod*
Customizable career outfits mod by Zerbu(optional)
Risky Woohoo mod
Pregnancy Mega Mod
You can only date one celeb in the whole challenge(see media below)
You can only have one best friend in the whole challenge(see media below)
You can only have one enemy in the whole challenge(see media below)
You cannot use cheats
You cannot move in to other peoples homes and they cannot move in with you
You can only get pregnant/get your girlfriend pregnant once
You cannot do any home activities that make money(such as painting or writing a song on the piano)
The media are a big part of this challenge,they are the only other way to make money apart from your career
here are the ways the media can give you more cash in your pocket:
1.Become good friends with a celeb=1000$
2.Become best friends with a celeb=1500$
3.Have a celeb be your boy/girlfriend=1500$
4.Kiss a celeb at a community lot=750$
5.Woohoo with a celeb at a community lot=1000$
6.Have an affair(woohoo with a celeb who is not your boy/girlfriend at a community lot)=1750$
7.Marry a celeb=3000$
8.Have a kid with a celeb=3500$
9.Become an enemy with a celeb=1500$
10.Become friends with the media worker=750$
11.Despise the media worker=750$
12.Have a complete home=100,000$
13.*Complete your craft*=50,000$
In this challenge you can only have one celeb boy/girlfriend but you can have as many non-famous ones as you like.
The only thing about dating a non-famous person is that you will not receive a media bonus.
Under the topic of pregnancy you can only get pregnant once
and you cannot pick the try for baby option just woohoo
also if you get pregnant again after that you must terminate it via pregnancy mega mod
and you must ship your kids off to boarding school(another sims household)once they are children
but you can get them back when they are young adults
Under the topic of affairs it depends on who you are dating
If you are dating a celeb:After two affairs you must break up forever
If you are dating a normal person:After one affair you must break up forever
*Your Home*
In this challenge you must build your home as your money grows
I created a lot to start with called "NotsoLushLife" and it is by Bumpyal or you can search #lushlifechallenge make sure to include cc on!
If you want to build your own the starter needs a complete kitchen,bathroom,living,foyer and bedroom(see complete rooms below)
To win this challenge you must:had a celeb girl/boyfriend at one point
Have a complete home,have held 20 gold level house party's(the party animal aspiration helps with this)
Have an enemy,best friend and lover,be level 10 in your career and have at least 1,000000$*complete your craft**defeat your rival*
*Complete Home*
A complete home is considered:A 3 story house with at least 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a kitchen 2 living rooms a pool a foyer and a recreation area
*Complete Rooms*
Bathroom:at least 1 bath 1 shower 1 toilet 3 sinks 2 counter tops and 5 decorative items
Bedroom:at least 1 double bed 1 desk with a computer 3 closet/dressers 5 mirrors and 8 decorative items
Foyer:at least 8 living chairs 4 end-tables 1 coffee table and 10 decorative items
Kitchen:at least 8 counters 2 fridges 2 stoves 4 dishwashers 1 other kitchen appliance a dining table that seats 8 and a bar that seats 4
Living:at least 2 sofas 2 love-seats 4 living-chairs 2 end-tables 1 coffee table 1 skill building item 1 flat screen t.v
Recreation:at least 10 recreation items(piano,computer,sauna,chess table,easel,hot tub etc.)
*You can't be a celeb and be known for nothing.That's why I added your craft!There are 2 mains and 4 branches to choose from:
Pop Mega-Star:Country Love:Max the guitar skill,write 1 of every song genre on the guitar:Ballad Brilliance:max the piano skill,write 1 of every song genre on the piano.Known Body:Pro athlete:max the fitness skill,reach the top in the athlete career.Super Model:max the charisma skill,model in 50 outstanding quality photos,have worn 75 different everyday outfits throughout(must have been purchased)*
*Oh matchmaker,oh matchmaker help me find love!(or cash...)
Once every week you can go to the matchmakers wagon for a free match.To do this simply head to her cabin and start flirting with the next person of your preferred gender.She will then pay you 500$ for boosting her business.Thanks matchmaker!this is not considered an affair*
*In Hollywood there is always gonna be someone better,prettier,taller,and thinner than you.That's just the sad truth,but you could always sabotage their reputation...........
Your Rival must be the same gender as you
Your Rival must have the same craft as you
Eliminating your Rival:
Trash your rival to every other celeb and the media worker until they have a -100 relationship with them*
Woohoo with your rivals boyfriend/girlfriend.
*Are you seriously hating on your starter home.Well then look no further,Apartments got you covered and here's how to live in them.
Moving:Make sure you pack everything into a crate(via.crate mod)apart from a kitchen,bathroom or dresser.Then use the household spli and merge to move yourself in.
Bills:Once you get there use the money cheat to set your funds to 14,000.Your first bills will have been paid.Every Monday extract 1000$ from your funds to pay the bills.
Landlord:You must have 3 neighbors and 1 landlord.The landlord will fix anything that breaks and clean anything that's dirty.
The Lot:there is a lot on the gallery called Avarcie Apartments by Bumpyal.Find it by searching with the #lushlifechallenge and include cc on!You can move out whenever you like*
I hope you enjoy!
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