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Default The Grim Legacy
Hey everyone! I don't know if a legacy challenge like this has been done before but the idea has been nagging at me for a while. This version of the legacy challenge is kinda dark, even though it doesn't stray much from the original legacy challenge rules found here.
The main difference in the Black Legacy challenge is that a successor is chosen before the current heir/heiress dies of old age. Once this successor ages up into a young adult
(or you can simply choose one when all children have aged up), They must "eliminate" every single one of their siblings including those that may have moved out of the house, as well as BOTH parents >:-). For every relative murdered, you may use kaching, rosebud, or weerbesu's UI Cheats mod to give 1,000 simoleons to the successor. However, for the following death types you may add more.

Cardiac Explosion/Anger Add 250 simoleons onto the base 1,000
Ultimate Mortification Add 350 simoleons onto the base 1,000
Overexertion and Overheating Add 750 simoleons onto the base 1,000
Electrocution Add 200 simoleons onto the base 1,000
Starvation Add 1,000 simoleons to the base 1,000
Fire and Drowning Add 2,000 simoleons to the base 1,000

Along with these rules, if you'd like to increase the difficulty, for every kill made with minimal player control of the victim (i.e. using the successor to invite the victim to swim, taking the successor out, and building a wall around a pool; Making the victim so angry or embarrassed that they die) double the normal amount of reward simoleons.

Sorry if this post seems a bit dragged out, I'm still a bit new to MTS tbh.
~Happy Simming~ :D
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Thats such a cool idea!
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Sounds interesting! Might do try this later.
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I am going to do this challenge but I will use a murder mod and have my successor kill the Sims
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