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Sims 4 Crash Landing Challenge
Hello guys! This is my first challenge so don't judge me! And leave suggestions down below.

You, the captain are on a spaceship traveling around the galaxy, suddenly a piece of debris hit your engine and you are slowly getting closer to a new planet, undiscovered and not meant to be. You crash onto a plot of land. You are unconscious, and you don't know what happened to your crew.

You can use any lot but preferably the 50x50 one. On the lot you'll need to have:
Trash Piles: Like those that come from after fixing an object, don't rummage for parts, just leave it be.
Food: it could be any type of food doesn't matter. But it must be plates, like one serving not those many serving types. Bulldoze all lots.

Pffft: 10 Trash Piles, 10 Plates of food, 7 members of your crew (for people who wants a quick game, recommended if you just want to get the hang of it)
Meh: 9 Trash Piles, 8 Plates of food, 7 members of your crew (not much of challenge)
Easy: 9 Trash Piles, 6 Plates of food, 6 members of your crew alive, one dead. (As in the title, easy)
Normal: 7 Trash Piles, 4 Plates of food, 5 members of your crew alive, 2 dead. (The recommended difficulty)
Hard: 6 Trash Piles, 3 Plates of food, 5 members of your crew alive, 2 dead. (The lesser the food, the more STARVATION DEATHS!
Very Hard: 5 Trash Piles, 2 Plates of food, 5 members of your crew alive, 2 dead. (As said in the title, harder than hard)
Insane: 3 Trash Piles, 1 Plate of food, 4 members of your crew alive, 3 dead. (Will make you go insane)
Inch to raging: 1 Trash Pile, no food, 2 members of your crew alive, 5 dead. (You'll need save up for another pc)
Transforms into HULK: 0 Trash Piles, no food, 1 member of crew alive, 6 dead. (Get more shirts and pants!)
Earth is gone!: no trash piles, no food, only you, the captain is alive, all crew dead. (At least we have sims right? Hehe)

Those are the basics done. Let's move on.

Le Crew
Just dress them up like how you would in a crash landing movie, use your common sense! And imagination...

Ze Rules
  • No cheats except for resetting sims
  • No mods that can make your game easier
  • Anything can be sold
  • You cannot get a job
  • You start with no money
    I think that's it.

I know that I said that your crew cannot have a job but this is different. They cannot change their jobs.
  • Gardener
    The gardener is the only one that can grow plants etc. Only they can sell the stuff or harvest the stuff, including wild berries
  • Tinker
    The tinker is the only one that can fix stuff or upgrade stuff
  • Athlete
    The athlete is the only one that can do the sports related quests
  • Scientist
    The scientist is the only one that can use the microscope, and fiddle with ores and gems, but he/she can't pick them up
  • Miner
    The miner is the only one that can pickup and take gems and ores from the ground, but can't do anything with them
  • Fisherman/woman
    The fisherman/woman is the only one that can fish for stuff
  • Kermit
    The Kermit is the only one that can catch frogs
  • Computer Whiz
    The computer whiz is the only one that can fiddle with electronics, TV included.
    If you have any other suggestions please post them below.
  • Painter
    The painter is the only one that can paint stuff.
All traits must be randomized. You cannot associate that particular trait with that particular job. Having many jobs is acceptable. You "achieve" a job when you get a skill point in any skill.

You can choose two different "roads"

The first road is Home Sweet Home
The second road is Repopulation

Home Sweet Home
The first road's goal is to well build a spaceship and return home.

The second road's goal is to repopulate the whole town.

You can do whatever you want to do to achieve those goals. Down here is a little Achievements list.

All rewards are given by Mission Control
  • A shelter!
    Build a shelter. What I mean by shelter is a 4x4 house with a roof, a door and a window.
    Reward: 3,000 simoleons
  • Diggity Dig
    Dig 5 times
    Reward: 200 simoleons
  • Shoveler
    Dig 15 times
    Reward: 500 simoleons
  • Excavator
    Dig 25 times
    Reward: 1,500 simoleons
  • Exacavatus Maximus
    Dig 50 times
    Reward: 3,500 simoleons
  • Kermit
    Catch 5 Frogs
    Reward: 200 simoleons
  • Frogger
    Catch 15 Frogs
    Reward: 500 simoleons
  • Frog Fanatic
    Catch 25 Frogs
    Reward: 1,500 simoleons
  • Froggily Insane
    Catch 50 frogs
    Reward: 3,500 simoleons
  • N00b fisher
    Catch 5 fish
    Reward: 200 simoleons
  • Rookie Fisher
    Catch 15 fish
    Reward: 500 simoleons
  • Honorary Fisher
    Catch 25 fish
    Reward: 1,500 simoleons
  • Fishing King
    Catch 50 fish
    Reward: 3,000 simoleons
  • Seed planter
    Plant 5 plants
    Reward: 200 simoleons
  • Plant waterer
    Plant 15 plants
    Reward: 500 simoleons
  • Plant fertilizer
    Plant 25 plants
    Reward: 1,500 simoleons
  • The Golden Green Thumb
    Plant 50 plants
    Reward: 3,000 simoleons
  • Window Shopping
    Spend 500 simoleons
    Reward: 500 simoleons
  • PayDay!
    Spend 2,500 simoleons
    Reward: 2,500 simoleons
  • Grand Prize Winner!
    Spend 10,000 simoleons
    Reward: 11,000 simoleons
  • Sales are BOOMIN'
    Spend 25,000 simoleons
    Reward: 30,000 simoleons
  • Lottery Winner
    Spend 50,000 simoleons
    Reward: 75,000 simoleons
  • Money grows on trees
    Spend 100,000 simoleons
    Reward: 200,000 simoleons
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs merged together
    Spend 500,000 simoleons
    Reward: 1,000,000 simoleons
    Tiered achievements end here
  • Ohhh Dear....
    Have 5 children
    Reward: 5,000 simoleons
  • A picture's worth a thousand simoleons
    Paint a picture that is worth 1,000 simoleons and above
    Reward: 3,500 simoleons
  • Dance of Death
    Have a sim die
    Reward: -500 simoleons I said minus! Don't add
  • Classeh
    Have a house worth more than 40,000 simoleons
    Reward: 5,000 simoleons
  • Adimpletio(means fulfillment/completion)
    Complete the game
    Reward: TAKE A BREAK!

If you have any suggestion please leave them below, it is very much appreciated!
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Oooh, this sounds fun! I'll definitely try this out once I'm finished with my other challenges xD
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Omg this is so fun and original! How did you think of this!
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