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Default The Lineage Project: A Baby Challenge for Male Sims
So I'm a girl, and I always made girl sims and played for success, for happy-happy-rich-rich, and found that this got boring after a few months. And doing drama as a female sim wasn't fun. Late last night I built a male sim instead, and found that playing with a character that wasn't so easy to "simself" opened up a whole new world of gameplay! I experimented with a few rather dark ideas, found something that might work, and decided to share a challenge/project with everyone.

I present to you...

The Lineage Project -- A Baby Challenge for Male Sims

- Create your male founder in CAS. He must have the noncommital trait, but all others, along with his aspiration, are up to you.
- Move him into any lot. Make sure it's a neighborhood you like, because you won't be leaving it... EVER.
- Wait for women to walk by.
- Seduce and impregnate them.

- Have the entire world populated by your progeny until everyone is related to you and your heirs; OR,
- have 100 babies in as few generations as possible; OR,
- play for one generation and tally points as below.


- You may only Try For Baby once with each female sim.
- You may Woohoo freely and maintain relationships as you please.
- Bonus points for any elder sims (male OR female) who die during Woohoo. *evil grin*
- You may NOT marry or move partners in (see variations below for exceptions).
- You must maintain friendships with your children.
- You may NOT use mods which change romantic relationship gain or allow adult/teen woohoo.
- You may NOT use any kind of mood-altering decorations, such as romantic lights or flirty paintings.
- If your male sim becomes pregnant by aliens, you must raise the child to YA without controlling them and then may move them out.

- Your sim may have a "rabbit-hole" job if you like, or may earn money from home. You can have an active career, but may not accompany your sim, so I don't see the point. No money cheats of any kind (with one exception for the "Collector" variation below.
- You may use your startup funds however you please, and may keep anything left over once the house is built.

Game Mechanics:
- You may NOT manipulate the world at all via Manage Households, i.e. to deal with overcrowded households, move more partners in, or shuffle sims around (again, with a few exceptions for variations).
- Aging must be set to normal.
- The "Young Again" aspiration reward may NOT be purchased.
- All other aspiration rewards are fine, including fertility treatment, "insta-fun" potions and the like.
- If children disappear as part of the NPC culling process, consider them as having been killed by some virulent zombie virus or whatever: they don't count toward your lineage.

Lineage Details:
- Your heir may be any male sim born when your sim is an elder.
- This heir may be moved into the household when you get the notification that your sim's days are coming to an end, but may not start looking for mates until after your founder dies.

+1 pt each single baby
+3 pts each set of twins
+4 pts each set of triplets
+3 pts each wrecked marriage
+10 pts for any elder sim who dies during woohoo on your lot.
+10 pts for each aspiration completed
+5 pts for each Try for Baby/WooHoo in a rocket ship
-5 pts any time a partner discovers your infidelity -- so be careful about flirting in the neighborhood!
Double baby points for any alien babies fathered on aliens in disguise. Babies born to your male sim from abduction are counted normally.

- "The Homewrecker": Anything worth having is worth working for! And Eliza Pancakes deserves someone better than Bob... right? You must convince any married sim to "leave spouse" before engaging in Try for Baby. If the husbands appear in the neighborhood, you must fight them, and keep fighting on subsequent occasions until you win. Once you win, you can ignore them as you please.
- "The Cradle Robber": Get 'em young! Keep an eye on potential mates from their teen years. Every sim you Try for Baby with must be Young Adult. (You may still WooHoo freely, of course.)
- "The Collector" v1: In this variation, you may move in the mothers of your progeny (using "ASK TO MOVE IN"), but you may not control them. You may not assist in them raising the children, so be prepared to be frustrated by sims who can't smell dirty diapers. Mothers who have jobs must keep going to them, leaving you behind to NOT look after the baby. The mothers and the babies may be moved back out once the baby has grown into a child, or not. You may choose traits as you please. The goal here would I guess be to have as few babies as possible taken by Sim Social Services?
- "The Collector" v2: Move in the mothers. Move them out once the babies are born and care for the babies yourself as in a standard 100 baby challenge.
- "The Collector" v3, aka the Prison: Kidnap the mothers (put them in locked rooms or whatever) and see what happens. This might be painful to watch as kidnapped sims tend not to take care of themselves. Sims with jobs will also keep trying to go to them, and will keep trying to say goodbye to your sim. I tried playing this version for about half a sim-day before I couldn't watch Nancy Landgraab peeing on herself yet again. If you do this option, you may use money cheats to build your holding area, but once built you may not cheat any more money in.
- "The Kidnapping Father" v1: If any of your progeny stroll by the neighborhood, you must add them to the family using cheats. You may not control them, but you can interact with them and encourage them to do their homework, mentor in skills, etc.
- "The Kidnapping Father" v2: Move ALL children in by inviting them over once grown. Again, you may not control them.
- "Living Green": In addition to fathering all these children, your sim prefers to live "off the grid," and so only eats his own produce and cooks only fish he's caught, and does not use electricity, not even a cell phone. This is an extra challenge for keeping in communication with potential partners. Any phone calls coming in must be your sim's crazed imagination, so don't pick up.

- If you choose the Serial Romantic aspiration and need to go on dates, you can still go on a date at your home lot. Ask the other sim on a date as usual, and when the map pops up simply select your home lot instead of the park or nightclub or whatever.
- To help keep track of mates, try changing their outfits by using the Edit in CAS cheat once you've Tried for Baby. That way, you won't have to go through your family tree to check if they've had a baby or not -- simply check their thumbnail. (I had fun putting them all in identical nightwear and seeing them walk around the neighborhood in PJs, happily greeting each other as if they both weren't pregnant by the same sim...)

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Default 2 Sim Weeks In
I just started this challenge. It isn't much of a challenge. Francis is very romantic and women just fall all over him.

He has been at it for 2 weeks, nearing the end of young adulthood and he has 14 children! 7 are school age, 6 toddlers, 1 infant

His conquests are:
1. Summer Holiday, single - daughter Averie
2. Randi Chesler, married - son Darrin
3. Kierra Hurt, single - NO PREGNANCY
4. Dianna Saavedra, married - son Angel
5. Dina Caliente, single - son Enrique
6. Nancy Landgraab, married - twins Carmen & Matty
7. Katrina Caliente, single - son Rodrigo
8. Raven Trotter, single - daughter Lacie
9. Kaylin Boles, single - son Bruno
10. Jayla Boles, single - NO PREGNANCY
11. Bella Goth, married - son Raphael
12. Eliza Pancakes, married - son Eddie
13. Christie Saavedra, single - NO PREGNANCY
14. Cassandra Goth, single - daughter Addisyn
15. Taylor Hopper, single - daughter Teresa
16. Audrey Easley, single - son Willie

He has mated with almost every woman of childbearing age so he will just work during his adult years, cultivate relationships with his children and get back to baby-making when he is an elder.

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Default 4 weeks in
Francis now works as a professional writer and only 'dates' on his days off.

He has 4 new children.

17. Nina (Caliente) Hopper, married - son Duane
18. Claire Coronado, single - twins Madilyn & Samir
19. Lilit Mills, single - son Mark
20. Kaitlin Seay, single - NO PREGNANCY

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Default Francis Riddle, founder, elder
21. Catalina Hopper, single - NO PREGNANCY
22. Maegan (Boles) Riddle, WIFE - daughter Ariella
23. Maegan (Boles) Riddle, WIFE - daughter Bryanna
24. Maegan Boles, EX-WIFE - twins Abbie & Emily
25. Olivia (Kim-Lewis) Barger, convinced to leave spouse - daughter Alayna
26. Emerson Pence, single - NO PREGNANCY
26. Demi (Richards) Easley, convinced to leave spouse, EX-WIFE - daughter Charlee
27. Alysha (Barger) Kalani, convinced to leave spouse - son Khalil
she refused to marry him
28. Avery Pancakes, single - daughter Ashlee
29. Laurie Zest, single - NO PREGNANCY
30. Rainn (Bass) Riddle, WIFE - son Cole
31. Rainn (Bass) Riddle, WIDOW - daughter Dayna

He has 28 children and at least 18 grandchildren. I'm having trouble keeping up with them. He is trying to marry any woman who he impregnates in his elder stage. He wants his son to have his last name. 2 sons and 8 daughters in elderhood. Francis died before his 28th child Dayna was born. His widow Rainn is now engaged to one of his older sons Rodrigo Caliente.

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Gonna start this in the sims 4, great idea lol
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Baha, I'm updating right now so I can start this challenge, I love it (and it seems appropriate, it being Father's Day tomorrow), exact opposite of my usual play-style of create absolutely no-drama whatsoever. I might just fight the husbands of anyone my Sim has seduced for the hell of it, even if I don't play that version.

Thinking Kidnapping Father v1 of this, and I think I'm just goint to keep track of my conquests by writing them down, but I do love the idea of a "I've been seduced by Randy McFertile" outfit. Hotdog costume maybe?

Will try and remember to take screenies and post some, but I'm bad for remembering to capture stuff as it happens once I get in to playing.

Thanks for the fun challenge idea!
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Default Raising the heir, Cole Riddle
I'm just taking pictures of Cole growing up, waiting for him to be a young adult so he can pick up where his dad left off.

Rainn gave birth to a daughter Dayna. Dayna is Francis' 28th and finial child. I let Rainn marry Rodrigo Caliente (Francis' 7th child) but no new babies. I'm just taking care of Cole & Dayna.

Ghost Francis has been pretty helpful to the family, kinda like a night nurse. He cared for the kids when they were toddlers and had crazy sleep schedules and now he comforts them when they are woken up by monsters under their beds.

Rainn, Rodrigo, and Dayna will all move out when Cole is a teenager. He will start dating and forming relationships with his future conquests. Right now most of the young ladies he meets are his nieces. We need some new blood in here! His oldest nieces and nephews are just beginning to marry off and their children will be a distant enough relation for the game to support their canoodling. I'm moving in Khalil Barger too. Khalil was the first son born to Francis during his elder years - making him the rightful heir to the challenge. Khalil's mother just WOULD NOT MARRY Francis. Khalil and Cole are the only boys born to Francis during his elder years.

Rainn, Rodrigo, and Dayna have moved out and are expecting a new family member. Khalil and Cole are getting to know each other and battling over the limited supply of unrelated female teenagers. Khalil's mom keeps hanging around and she and Cole really don't get along. If only she had married Francis, Cole might not even exist!

#27 Cole and #25 Khalil both have the ROMANCE aspiration with the KLEPTOMANIAC trait. Cole is a goofball and Khalil is ?

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Default Khalil and Cole begin their mission
Khalil and Cole have both aged into young adults. They will continue to live together and try to procreate with as many women as possible. They each get one TRY FOR BABY per woman, just like their father. WooHoo is entirely different and only used to achieve wants. When they have their adult birthdays, I will tally their children. Most children wins and gets to stay in the house and keep baby-making.

Khalil has slept with 12 women (Amelia Shoemaker, Demi R Zest, Alexus Boles, Kristi P Coronado, Alice McGraw, Nataly Church, Aubrie H Mills, Ashlynn Kang, Laurie Z Huntington, Emerson P Barger, Maureen Avery, Charley Kalani), has 12 children (Terry Shoemaker, Grace Boles, twins Beatrix & Charity Coronado, twins Chelsie & Vincenzo McGraw, Michael Church, Etta Mills, Carter Huntington, Landyn Barger, Callie Avery, Myra Kalani) - 5 boys, 6 girls

Cole has slept with 16 women (Alexus Boles, Alice McGraw, Amelia Shoemaker, Nataly Church, Gracelynn S Landgraab, Emerson P Barger, Demi R Zest, Avery P Boles, Isis Barger, Maureen Avery, Tina Shoemaker, Marcella K Hopper, Ashlynn Kang, Perla S Hopper, Zoe B Goth, Talia Kalani), has 16 children (Carmelo McGraw, twins Shannon & Genesis Shoemaker, Emily Church, Carina Landgraab, Cassiel Barger, Adelaide Zest, twins Kaley & Isiah Boles, Amara Shoemaker, Aaliyah Hopper, twins Juliet & Elaine Kang, Franklin Hopper, Natasha Goth, BABY Kalani) - 3 boys, 12 girls, 1 unknown

Khalil is an adult and with only 12 children, he lost the competition. He moved back in with his mother, stepfather, and half-siblings. He is free to marry or whatever MCC has in store for him.

Cole Riddle will continue the challenge. Just as his father, he will take a break from procreation to have a career for a few years.

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Default Cole Riddle, 2nd gen heir
Cole Riddle is the 27th child and final son born to founder Francis Riddle.

Cole and his half brother, Khalil Barger, competed to be the heir. Cole won with an impressive 16 try for babies & 16 children during his young adult years. His conquests and children are listed below

Early into his adult years, Cole became the sole caretaker of his 16th child Cristian & was abducted and impregnated by aliens (#18 Ein). His full-time job and caring for two young children has really cut into his romancing. Week days off work are supposed to be for loving and weekends are for bonding with his many many children. He hasn't really been able to do either since getting Cristian & having Ein.

5 sons, 15 daughters
1. high school girlfriend Alexus Boles, single - NO PREGNANCY
2. Alice McGraw, single - son Carmelo
3. Amelia Shoemaker, single - twins Shannon & Genesis
4. Nataly Church, single - daughter Emily
5. sister-in-law Gracelyn (Steinwedel) Landgraab, married - daughter Carina
6. Emerson (Pence) Barger, married - daughter Cassiel
7. Demi (Richards) Zest, married - daughter Adelaide
8. Avery (Pancakes) Boles, married - twins Kaley & Isiah
9. Isis Barger, single - NO PREGNANCY
10. Maureen Avery, single - NO PREGNANCY
11. Tina Shoemaker, single - daughter Amara
12. Marcella (Kalani) Hopper, married - daughter Aaliyah
13. Ashlynn Kang, single - twins Juliet & Elaine
14. Perla (Saavedra) Hopper, married - son Franklin
15. sister-in-law Zoe (Barger) Goth, married - daughter Natasha
16. Talia Kalani, single - son Cristian
17. Malia Barger, single - daughter Cecilia
18. Malaysia (Shoemaker) Salazar, married - twins Halle & Star
19. Addison (Huntington) Pancakes, married - daughter Lilith
20. Cataleya Craft, single - NO PREGNANCY
21. daughter-in-law Julianna (Andrew) McGraw, married - NO PREGNANCY ----she is married to his oldest son Carmelo McGraw
22. Lilit Quick, single - son Cody
23. Quinn (Brannon) Riddle, wife - son & heir Finn

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