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Default The Prison Challenge - a humorous version

This is a humorous take on the popular prison challenge theme. As a result of some bad choices in life, you find yourself in a small, shabby and nearly forgotten prison somewhere. But at least you’re the warden and not an inmate! You have to make do with the pitiful amount of money that you receive from the government to run your prison, and what makes the situation even more annoying, your boss is always keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t resort to any… creative means of making money or entertaining yourself.

The goal
Your goal is to survive this challenge without losing your job and to achieve your personal objective.

The rules
-The core rules are simple – take care of the inmates as well as you can. This means keeping them fed, clean and happy.
-The challenge lasts three sim weeks, but you can naturally continue playing after that.
-You get 1000 simoleons every week from the government to run the prison (use “kaching” or some other cheat code every Monday). You may also sell any items you or the inmates have made or grown (paintings, sculptures, fruit and vegetables etc.).
-The money you get from the government is meant for the prisoners (their food, furniture, hobby items etc.), but you may use it to make your own room comfortable and nicely decorated instead if you wish. Got a conscience? Ditch it!
-You can only ever control one sim – the warden.
-The inmates have to spend the nights in their cells and sleep in their own beds. They don’t have to stay in their cells during the day.
-You and the inmates may not have jobs.
-Bribes: You can bribe those inmates that are your friends. If you pay 100 simoleons (use a cheat code), you can give one command to an inmate.
-Random events: Roll a random event every Monday and Friday (use dice or ) and follow the instructions below.

You lose your job (and this challenge!) when you have five strikes. You get a strike when:
-An inmate is very hungry
-An inmate passes out
-An inmate pees themselves
-An inmate is filthy
-An inmate is uncomfortable because of bad or filthy surroundings or dirty plumbing
-There is a fire
-A random event or the rules say so

The setup
-Roll one vice / handicap and one personal objective for yourself (see below) using dice or .
-Create yourself (the warden) and six inmates in CAS. There should be both male and female inmates.
-Move onto an empty lot and build a prison (or download one from the gallery). Don’t make it too fancy! You may use 50 000 simoleons to build and furnish your prison (use “motherlode” or another cheat to get money). Build six cells for the inmates, a room for yourself, a dining hall with a kitchen, a recreation room or a workshop, and toilets and showers.
-When you’ve built and furnished the prison, reduce your money to 1000 simoleons (unless you already have less money left after building your prison). That’s your initial budget.
-Instructions for changing the amount of money you have: Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console, turn cheats on (if you haven’t already) by writing testingcheats on and hitting Enter, then write money "amount here" (no quotations) and hit Enter. If you don’t want to or can’t use cheats, you can invent your own system for this (buy trees to spend money, for example).
-Lock the front door so that the inmates can’t go out. Your own sim can only go out at night when the inmates are in their cells.
-It’s recommended to lock the door to the kitchen as well, so that the inmates won’t be able to cook. It’s your job, after all! You can leave the fridge in the dining room if you wish, so that the inmates can eat leftovers or snacks.

The nightmare version
-Only for the most daring and foolhardy among us!
-Pick two vices / handicaps instead of one
-You don’t get any money from the government
-You lose the challenge if you get three strikes (instead of five)
-Complete the nightmare version of the challenge and you’ll be on our hall of fame. Just inform me afterwards and you’ll join the ranks of the greatest sim wardens!




I hope you'll have fun with the challenge! I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Here's a screenshot of my own warden with some of his prisoners. I made him look quite stereotypical, sorry! I just couldn't resist the temptation. He rolled the handicap number five (an exceptionally big nose) and the personal objective number one (embezzling money). He hasn't gotten around to embezzling very much of anything yet, to be honest, he's so busy making sure that the prisoners try to behave and don't kill each other... or the poor warden.

If you want to have some nice clothes for your prisoners, here's a link to those that I used:

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That sounds fun, though I feel bad for starting it without having finished the other prison challenge (or pretty much any Sims 4 challenge except for the Settler Challenge) first.

I love how this only a short challenge spanning three week instead of many generations. And of course, well, it´s a prison, so we all know I will play this sooner or later
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Oh please do, Enki! I can imagine how hilarious your story would be!
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I just started this challenge, I think it's going to be fun! Although I just rolled 4 as my first random event so I'm afraid I'm screwed
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Yay! This looks fun! I'm going to start nightmare mode! I'll post pictures.
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Livia and UniSims, I'm happy to hear you're doing the challenge. Can't wait to see your pictures, UniSims! You're brave to start with the nightmare mode. Good luck!
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