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Default Sims 4 Yandere Simulator Challnge
This post contains some dark things such as murder,mind-breaking,torture,suicide and kidnapping
If you don't want to hear about that sorta stuff then look away NOW!
In the most recent update I added
Info Chan
Supreme Rivals
New Clubs
Exploiting Students
Demon Communing
Trick with handbuzzer murder mod
Go To School
This challenge is obviously based on the game YANDERE SIMULATOR.If you do not no what that is here is a link: saw some other challenges but they did not live up to the game so I hope this one does
All characters must be teen.Yandere must be a girl.Senpai can be either gender.Yandere must live alone.Yandere must attend school each day unless she has kidnapped someone.Senpai can only be spoken to when all rivals have been defeated.You can only kill a rival on Friday.
Senpai witness a murder.Teacher witness a murder.A rival confesses her love to Senpai.Trying to socialize with Senpai before all rivals have been killed.Not cleaning up the evidence of a murder.A witness was not taken care of.
To clean up the evidence of a murder you must release the spirit of a murdered sim to the netherworld and destroy the urn without ANY witnesses
You must have 8 rivals.All rivals must be female.You cannot kill a rival until Friday and you can only kill them between 5.p.m-6.p.m.NONE CAN WITNESS THIS MURDER.
You must get rid of students to make room for new rivals weekly.To decide who is your rival that week see what rivals came to school that monday then choose from them.
To mind break a student and use them as your slave they must first enter your home.Once they are inside your home type in testingcheats on and then shift-click them and select add to family and disable need decay so they cannot die of starvation.Once you reach a -100 relationship without declaring them as an enemy or fighting them they are your slave.They must stay in the basement the only item they are aloud to have is a chair.None of the witness rules apply when a slave is killing someone but once they have killed someone you must kill your slave via simocide.
If you want you could create 6 of the Yandere Simulator Clubs,the one's I have chosen are:THE OCCULT CLUB:Students will no longer witness a murder.THE MARTIAL-ARTS CLUB:Teachers can no longer witness murder.THE COOKING CLUB:Yandere can kill multiple people with food poisining(to do this make a group meal and use the simocide mod for everyone who eats it.THE DELINQUENTS:YANDERE CAN KILL PEOPLE BY FIGHTING AND WINING(to do this fight a student and if you win use the simocide mod to kill the looser.Witnesses will not matter)Drama Club:Yandere can talk people in to killing sims for her.Swim Team:Yandere will instantly have level 10 fitness.Illimunati
club:Yandere will have the ability to teleport(testingcheats on shift-click the ground)Feminist Club:Yandere will not have to befriend students
for them to follow you.
Once you have gotten rid of every rival,you must ask Senpai to be your boyfriend underneath the cherry tree at 6.p.m on Friday.If he says yes you win!Senpai cannot love a delinquent.
Alternatively if you loose,You can enter snap mode.When in snap mode Yandere must kill 1 student/teacher each day until just her and Senpai remain.If someone witnesses a murder while in snap,Yandere will kill them too.If Senpai refuses Yandere's love proposal again Yandere will kill him and herself,via simocide.Yandere can not talk to people or have a mind slave in SNAP mode.
The only way to kill a delinquent or member of the Karate club is to reach level 10 of the fitness skill.
*Info Chan*
With the new supreme rivals feature I decided that they should be eliminated via.specific schemes.To unlock these schemes you must
befriend Info Chan and murder the specified amount of non-rival students.Here are the schemes
Match-Making:5 students:Select hook up from the other sims category under friendly and choose a guy.
Getting Expelled:7 students:Cause a fight in front of a teacher,Then murder them.
Bullying:10 students:Become enemy's with your rival.Select Trash...Under other sims under mean.Do this to every student.Kill your rival.
Fake-Suicide:13 students:Become friends with your rival.Have them follow you to a discreet location.Murder them.
Scaring Off:15 students:Murder 5 club leaders.Murder Info Chan.Murder the rival.
After you have killed the original rivals you must then kill the five supreme rivals over the course of another five weeks.They can only be eliminated via.specific schemes.Here are the rivals.Dandere:SR 1:Eliminated via.Match-Making ONLY.
Tsundere:SR 2:Eliminated via.Getting Expelled ONLY.
Leader of the Feminist Club:Eliminated via.Bullying ONLY.
Kuudere:Eliminated via.Fake-Suicide ONLY.
Other Yandere:Eliminated via.Scaring Off ONLY.
Now,if you want to get a student to follow you,you must befriend them(reach a half-full friendship bar)if they are female or seduce them(reach a half-full romance bar)but apart from that you can also have them kill 3 non-rival students for you,then you must kill them.
As well as club buffs,if you are in the occult or illuminati club then you can summon a do this you must kill 5 non-rival students that day.there are 2 demon buffs you can get.Lust Demon:Boy's will already be seduced that day,and can kill 5 students each.Pain Demon:You can murder 5 students that day without anyone caring.
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This looks really good, I'll have to try this one!
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Thanks for the idea of this challenge, now I must play the game this is from!
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